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  1. Machado commented on Doonesbury over 7 years ago

    Last panel.. – Got it, I’ll set this folks straight –which we inherited

    I think he’s satirizing both the President’s and editor’s excuse of “we inherited this economy” to deflect blame…

    Editors/Publishers are reducing the size of newspapers’ comics in an effort to cut cost..

  2. Machado commented on Tom Toles over 7 years ago

    The US postal service is bankrupted, they had government bailouts in the past and several consecutive rate increases to stay afloat, they just had one across the board a few months back.

    The PO is pushing out old employees to early retirement to cut expenses, and also cut backs on OT among many other cost saving measures, like more ‘walking’ for carriers instead of driving the PO truck, and they are about to recommend whether to cut Thursdays or Saturdays off the delivery schedule.

    I don’t have any crystal ball, I just read newspapers while they last….

  3. Machado commented on ViewsLatinAmerica over 7 years ago

    Nah, it means that even after the OAS voted to remove their objections to allowing Castro’s Cuba to join the Organization, The OAS will always find a way to keep Castro out.

    In this case, his attire, given the latest Sport Attire that Castro has been photographed wearing lately.

  4. Machado commented on Tom Toles over 7 years ago

    Socialized medicine in the hands of the Federal Government will be as successful as the Postal Service..

    With frequent rates increases (your taxes) and forced to only operate (pun intended) four days a week to survive.

  5. Machado commented on Tony Auth over 7 years ago

    Watch out America, the Lefties are trying to take away your voice of dissent too, by painting all those that listen to different opinions as radicals and moving on to silence the airwaves. (equal time doctrine)

    When in fact most radical lunatics reside in the Left, they even wrote books about murdering Bush, and even made a movie about it that played in Canada.

  6. Machado commented on Chip Bok over 7 years ago

    wait until they socialize medicine, the Government will tell you what to eat and how much you should weight, if not they will cut your coverage to force you.

  7. Machado commented on Ken Catalino over 7 years ago

    I think Obama on the screen would’ve made this panel perfect…

  8. Machado commented on Mike Luckovich over 7 years ago

    I wonder what happened to all this oil that the lefties said we we were stealing from IraQ?

    And noticed how Obama is not responsible for the current Gas hikes but Bush was responsible for every penny..

  9. Machado commented on Jim Morin over 7 years ago

    And what did you expect Morin?

    Is not like there wasn’t enough damaging evidence about his character before he was elected…

    And you did vote for him right?

  10. Machado commented on Glenn McCoy over 7 years ago

    The clown in chief is giving Pinocchio a bad name….