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  1. Jayce_C commented on Tiny Sepuku over 3 years ago

    But then he wouldn’t be a wizard. PARADOX COMMENCE!

  2. Jayce_C commented on B.C. over 3 years ago


  3. Jayce_C commented on MythTickle over 3 years ago

    Is this a new method of creating a jackal snack bar?

  4. Jayce_C commented on FoxTrot Classics almost 4 years ago

    This explanation would have actually been (cliché) funny. But Paige came home with the skimpy outfit, which means she was only using Mom to find outfits that freak her out. So the only thing I get out of today’s strip is that for as nasty as Andy is, she can’t actually enforce any rules.

  5. Jayce_C commented on Dogs of C-Kennel almost 4 years ago

    She’s such a… well she’s a… she’s a dog all right!

  6. Jayce_C commented on B.C. about 4 years ago

    One of the differences between wolves and dogs is that they only go into season once a year.

  7. Jayce_C commented on FoxTrot Classics about 4 years ago

    Next year they can just leave her home!

  8. Jayce_C commented on FoxTrot Classics about 4 years ago

    Better than being at home working with no place to swim. No sharks, no jellyfish, no whale droppings, no Cthulu, doesn’t burn your eyes as much…

  9. Jayce_C commented on Little Dog Lost about 4 years ago

    The American Crocodile

  10. Jayce_C commented on Pooch Cafe about 4 years ago