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  1. johnph77 commented on Calvin and Hobbes over 3 years ago

    margueritem, did you know they’re longer known as Easter eggs? The politically correct amongst us have now labeled them as “spring spheres”.

  2. johnph77 commented on PreTeena over 3 years ago

    Medea, by Euripides - strange…..

  3. johnph77 commented on B.C. almost 4 years ago

    I finally found the end of the rainbow - went there to collect the pot of gold - wrong end…..

  4. johnph77 commented on PreTeena almost 4 years ago

    Minor point - the reindeer’s name is actually spelled “Blitzen”. Still enjoy this strip, if only in reruns.

  5. johnph77 commented on Non Sequitur about 4 years ago

    denial, ot course is the longest river in the world…..