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  1. Zarniwoop commented on Big Nate 6 months ago

    Chad lost all that weight, but still has no neck.

  2. Zarniwoop commented on Liberty Meadows 6 months ago

    Yogurt is still a milk product; it wouldn’t make any difference, right?

  3. Zarniwoop commented on Lost Side of Suburbia 7 months ago

    I did write to Kory a couple of weeks ago. I posted his response to me seven posts before this one. He explained that the future of LSoS depends on the sales of his upcoming book, due out in Oct; don’t expect any updates this summer.

  4. Zarniwoop commented on Lost Side of Suburbia 7 months ago

    I had thought waycyber’s idea a good one, and ran it by Kory. Unfortunately, he informed me that the future of LSoS on GoComics all depends on how well his LSoS book being published in October by Andrews McMeel sells.

    I hope Kory won’t mind me sharing his response with everyone:

    “Hi D….! Good to hear from you!

    ”I was hoping to post a “Cork” chapter on GoComics this summer, but I don’t think that’s happening now. I’ve got two big book projects in the works (one is for a YA graphic novel series, which I’m ONLY doing for the money and connections; the other is a collaboration with an awesome storyteller, which is much more fun).

    “I had fun posting on GoComics before, but ultimately it’s a comic strip site, and I have no desire at all to draw comic strips (which is why LSOS has prose narration instead of word balloons and panels). I’m solely interested in illustrated books, which I don’t think work well on GoComics.

    ”I do have my own book poised to hit stores this October (from Andrews McMeel). It’s the only LSOS-related story I’ve been able to sell to a publisher — the other publishers I’ve worked with think LSOS wouldn’t attract a mainstream audience. Maybe if enough GoComics readers buy the upcoming book, I’ll be eager to return to GoComics on a regular basis and quit some freelance stuff.

    " So thanks again for checking in – sorry I’ve been aloof. I’m still working on my own stuff when I have time. Just not bothering with GoComics at the moment. I’ll probably post an ad for my book when I see it’s ready – LSOS’s fate on GoComics depends on how well this book does."


    I guess it will all depend on the upcoming book sales. If only it were popular enough for him to turn LSoS into a business the way Phil and Kaja Foglio have with Girl Genius.

  5. Zarniwoop commented on Lost Side of Suburbia 7 months ago

    “Even if there was only the occasional new strip (as happens with Sequential Art), it would be good enough.”

    I agree! Let’s all e-mail Kory with the suggestion.

  6. Zarniwoop commented on Pearls Before Swine 7 months ago

    I’m pretty amazed that so many readers here remember that song. I wonder what the average age is of Pearls readers.

  7. Zarniwoop commented on New Adventures of Queen Victoria 7 months ago

    Not me. I heard it in the voice of Bill Scott.

  8. Zarniwoop commented on Cul de Sac 7 months ago

    The new kid looks like she’s moved to Cul de Sac from an Edward Gorey book

  9. Zarniwoop commented on Lost Side of Suburbia 8 months ago

    Walnuts and Gromit?? Was that a Slynderfell flavor?

  10. Zarniwoop commented on Lost Side of Suburbia 8 months ago

    “i hadnt thought to email him.”

    Carl, it’s really easy to do. There is a Contact link on the LSoS website. Perhaps it would help if others were to let Kory know how much we miss LSoS…