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  1. lbalch798 commented on Steve Breen 11 months ago

    Return the draft, without the many deferments. When the children of the rich and powerful are in the same spot as the rest of the country more then talk will be done about the V.A. health care problems. Probably those pesky wars also.

  2. lbalch798 commented on Jim Morin 12 months ago

    Smasher; it will be easy to refute repub. policy when 89 seconds of a 90 second statement is not in the mode of “your moma so fat …”

  3. lbalch798 commented on Jim Morin almost 2 years ago

    Too bad the middle class believes that being rich means you’re smart. just ask Trump.
    By the way way they also died to protect you’re right not to vote. Being stupid, lazy, or just not caring is also your right.

  4. lbalch798 commented on Steve Breen about 2 years ago

    Gee, I’ll bet it is easier to be a racist when you are denied equal oppertunity by a society run by the race you hate. Although it must but just as easy when you belong to those who run society, and happen to be a failure.

  5. lbalch798 commented on Jim Morin over 2 years ago

    If you are old enough to remember a stable middle east, you were much too old to serve in WWI. But then like most “hawks” I doubt that you ever found it ‘convenient’ to serve.

  6. lbalch798 commented on Steve Breen over 2 years ago

    T.Axel: Considering that deportations are up and arrests of those attempting to cross the broader are up perhaps, according to your “facts” I would think that declaring all immigration laws null and void would cause immigration to cease altogether.

  7. lbalch798 commented on Jim Morin over 2 years ago

    Harelyquinn: That’s right, why consider the civil wars that would be going on right now in Germany and Japan if we still didn’t have our troops there.

  8. lbalch798 commented on Non Sequitur over 2 years ago

    PP: have you checked the immigration laws when your grandparents came? They were healthy spend two years living as law-abiding people and were then eligible for citizenship. I’m quite sure that a great majority of those you resent would be citizens today if the requirements for citizenship were the same today as they were then.

  9. lbalch798 commented on Jim Morin over 2 years ago

    A policy the U.S. has been pursuing since the end of WWII. The cry of the bigoted and fearful. A problem I’ve been having with my neighbor for years. I have a nice lawn his is a weed patch I know he is trying to take over my lawn and turn it into a weed patch too.

  10. lbalch798 commented on Jim Morin over 2 years ago

    Strange but that war with Japan started over access to oil too.