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  1. Alvin Hill commented on Non Sequitur over 3 years ago

    I’d have liked school more, if I could have started college instead of high-school, which was a waste of my time. Nevertheless, my wife and I encouraged our children to appreciate every opportunity to learn, whatever the circumstance. As a whole, the American public is abysmally stupid and uninformed, primarily because people don’t acquire a reverence for learning, when they’re young.

  2. Alvin Hill commented on Jim Morin over 3 years ago

    So far as we know, Snowden has been treated better (that is, more justly) than he had any reason to expect in the American gulag. You’ve evidently pushed the Bradley Manning case down the memory hole already. Cowards don’t defy the world’s sole remaining superpower with a record of human rights violations and international war crimes like ours. FYI: the true cowards are those who sit safely at home posting vapid, faux patriotic declarations like yours.

  3. Alvin Hill commented on Clay Bennett over 3 years ago

    Many people now know the content of the Affordable Care Act, because they’ve experienced its effects themselves. These include: millions of people who can now afford health care insurance thanks to the ACA; millions of residents of New York State (for example) whose insurance premiums have decreased by as much as fifty percent due to the ACA; millions who’ve received rebates from insurers due to the ACA; millions like my wife and me, who’ve seen their prescription drug costs plummet, as the ACA closes the notorious “donut hole”; and so on. These are specific and confirmed effects, in contrast to the nebulous scare stories (otherwise known as lies) promoted by right wingers and accepted by fatuous low information folk.

  4. Alvin Hill commented on Jeff Danziger over 3 years ago

    I know precisely what the word means, although you obviously don’t. The lies and phony intelligence promoted by the Bush administration were intended to deceive not just the American public, but Congress as well, so the bloody fools would support the invasion of Iraq too. Do you know anything, anything at all, besides the garbage pseudohistory that’s fed to you by Faux News and the other right wing mouthpieces? Do you know about Cheney’s unprecedented and repeated trips to the CIA and other intelligence branches, forcing them to cook the reports they submitted to Congress – lies that elicited the votes you find so impressive? Such ignorance and naivete would be pitiable, if it weren’t simultaneously so disastrous for our country’s future.

  5. Alvin Hill commented on Jeff Danziger over 3 years ago

    Just saying what, I wonder? Even if Ms. Clinton did intend to mislead with her statement (which I doubt!) would it really be an indication of some serious moral turpitude? Compare that possibility with the certainty that “W” and the unspeakable Cheney deliberately and repeatedly lied in order to inveigle the U.S. into a disastrous and immoral war in the Middle East. I suppose, when your souls are as blackened as those of most Republicans, you’ll seize on any pretext to claim the moral high ground. But wouldn’t it be simpler and more effective instead to adopt a genuine moral code rather than drape yourselves in a threadbare counterfeit?

  6. Alvin Hill commented on Stuart Carlson over 3 years ago

    If you don’t know how many laws there are, how on Earth do you reach the conclusion there are too many? Besides, what kind of laws do you mean: local, state, or federal? Civil? Criminal? Regulatory? … Oh, I see, you’re just mindlessly repeating a right wing talking point, devoid of thought. There are definitely too many of those!

  7. Alvin Hill commented on Doonesbury over 3 years ago

    Who cares about reruns? I just want GT to lose this Leo character! Neither appealing, nor funny, nor enlightening, the whole Leo theme is a waste of time and space!

  8. Alvin Hill commented on Stuart Carlson over 3 years ago

    You do know, I assume, that only morons discuss climate change on the basis of local weather changes, or the presence or absence of tax hikes, or whether right wing conservatives feel sufficiently “free”. It’s a scientific issue; but I guess, when you’re incapable of understanding science, you have to find issues that are accessible
    to the ignorant. There’s a problem with this tactic: it makes your views irrelevant.

  9. Alvin Hill commented on Doonesbury over 3 years ago

    I wish I could disagree with you more than I do. While Republicans still take the prize for unprincipled partisan stupidity, Obama’s hypocrisy after taking office makes me regret not voting third party.
    Did realities of the Presidency alter the way Obama regards constitutional ideals that he used to honor? If so, then I believe he owes the country, as well as his supporters, an honest and coherent explanation of the changes. It’s one thing not to prosecute Bush and Cheney for war crimes, quite another to authorize the very same clandestine activities that made those two liable to prosecution.
    On the other hand, your charge that Gary Trudeau’s characterization of Obama is based on racism is disgusting. You offer absolutely no evidence for this accusation other than the bare fact that Obama is black, an observation that speaks far more to your racial bias.
    And why shouldn’t GT continue to draw comic strips critical of George Bush. The country still reels from that man’s disastrous bungling. There’s no statute of limitations for criminal stupidity!

  10. Alvin Hill commented on Paul Szep over 3 years ago

    If for nothing else, Barack Obama should be run out of office for allowing the persecution of Bradley Manning to continue. As Clark Kent notes, Obama allowed the war criminals in the Bush administration to escape prosecution, but has encouraged the most brutal reprisals against whistle blowers and other heroes of conscience during his administration. Had I anticipated this, I would never have voted for the SOB.