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  1. Rick51 commented on Glenview Revue over 5 years ago

    Worth its weight in gold …

  2. Rick51 commented on Break Of Day over 5 years ago

    That fish got tanked!

    Congrats with the rest …

  3. Rick51 commented on Glenview Revue over 5 years ago

    Time for a little pugilism!

  4. Rick51 commented on ONION & PEA over 5 years ago

    Astounding artistry!

    Yes – 86,400 seconds in a day which means 31,536,000 seconds in a year. And this means it’s a little under 33,000 years to make a trillion seconds. And remember the national debt of the USA (on budget only) is over 14 trillion. So to pay this off at a dollar a second would take about 462,000 years.

    But don’t worry about it!!

    BTW – having some trouble with this ancient system I have now after relocation (and outside issues). Will be a delay in getting my strip back to running.

  5. Rick51 commented on Brewster Rockit over 5 years ago

    Well everybody buys the premise for decades now — the whole crux of the problem is that our poor government just isn’t getting enough money to run everybody’s lives. They’re ALL wearing barrels. The government is soooo compassionate and the public is soooo mean and selfish.

    We need more cowboy poetry festivals but who is going to pay for it!!

  6. Rick51 commented on Dark Side of the Horse over 5 years ago

    And the weird part is there are people out there who would TRY for 749!

  7. Rick51 commented on The Doozies over 5 years ago

    Is she going shopping for a big red nose that honks?

  8. Rick51 commented on Cartertoons over 5 years ago

    He’s ben through red orange and yellow to be blue now – he’s halfway home

  9. Rick51 commented on RANDUMB THOUGHTS over 5 years ago

    Ha Jon! Since you have to open the book to see Chapter One – well that means …


    What does that mean? I better buy the book and find out!

  10. Rick51 commented on Glenview Revue over 5 years ago

    Looks like an interesting day ahead …