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  1. carletonkent commented on Luann 3 days ago

    I’ve been wondering about this: In what town do the firefighters wear dress uniforms, with necktie, on everyday duty? I know they don’t wear ties while they fight fires.

  2. carletonkent commented on Real Life Adventures 6 days ago

    I like the ones like this where the downtrodden hubby gets to deliver the zinger. . .

  3. carletonkent commented on Luann 7 days ago

    Luann has never shown any talent for anything whatsoever, but suddenly she’s a Yale Drama School graduate in set design? Yeah, sure.

  4. carletonkent commented on Monty 16 days ago

    I read a comic strip to be entertained. When it fails to entertain, I feel free to comment on it. What problem could you have with that? Do you think this “comments” feature is meant only for praise?

  5. carletonkent commented on Luann 16 days ago

    And here we thought Luann and Quill were going into the prop room to do a little “he-in’ and she-in,’” but apparently all they’re going to do is try on funny costumes. Usually, this is a prelude to the “he-in’ and she-in,” but not here. They’ll put their street clothes back on and go about their business. How sad.

  6. carletonkent commented on Monty 17 days ago

    I doubt it. I think tomorrow things will get even more boring. This is a complaint I’ve never had to make about this strip. C’mon, Monty, the culprit is either Fleshy or Sedgwick. Actually, though, I don’t care. And where is Robotman?

  7. carletonkent commented on For Better or For Worse 21 days ago

    When she decided to return to the beginning of the Patterson story, she announced in the newspapers that she would be using a simplified style. So she is, in fact, re-drawing everything.

  8. carletonkent commented on For Better or For Worse 22 days ago

    Oh, for Pete’s sake. Johnston took this strip back to square one with a simplified drawing style, but she’s only re-drawing the old strips. I remember this one from 20 years ago—also the arc about John breaking in to the next-door neighbors’ house. This is where I get off; bye-bye, Lynn.

  9. carletonkent commented on Tank McNamara 24 days ago

    There’s almost always a good punchline in this strip—but not today.

  10. carletonkent commented on Non Sequitur 28 days ago

    Oh, for God’s sake! I’ve had this one up on my fridge for three years. Is Wiley Miller pulling a Gary Trudeau?