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  1. Unca Scrooge commented on Alley Oop about 16 hours ago

    I looked up “anal” in the dictionary and there was a picture of Loco Grande. I quit replying to him because he’s just a troll, here only to insult people. He’ll rip you and then add the “LOL” as if that somehow makes insulting people easier to take.

  2. Unca Scrooge commented on Alley Oop about 16 hours ago

    And I can’t think of a major strip that what you say is true. If there was an integrated daily / Sunday strip the Sunday would have new material and the creator would link the Sunday to the daily (and vise versa) with narrative. Most of those creators would say that was the most difficult part about producing a strip – keep the dailies and Sundays in sync but in such a way that either could be read separately. One of the best examples is Starr’s “On Stage”, grab any if the 13 volumes and you’ll see how well he carried this off. And the art is very good, too.

  3. Unca Scrooge commented on Alley Oop about 16 hours ago

    Not true for Oop. For the most part Hamlin ran a totally separate story line on Sundays. Occasionally the Sunday was integrated witht he daily strip but there was never a recap and never identical panels EVER. Sometimes events on Sunday happened on Sunday and not even shown in the daily strip. Check out the old Kitchen Sink reprints or the most recent Dark Horse Sundays which has the very first time travel story and the LOAC reprint of the daily story. The two stories start the same but quickly diverge

  4. Unca Scrooge commented on Dick Tracy 6 days ago

    You have to start reading (and posting) on the Alley Oop strip. You could find mistakes all day long if you wanted to.

  5. Unca Scrooge commented on Alley Oop 6 days ago

    And this whole epic began way back on July 2! Almost seven months of boring drivel!

  6. Unca Scrooge commented on Alley Oop 6 days ago

    Alley arrived at the casino way back on December 20. It’s taken a month for a lot of dumb “action”, such as dressing up in slickers and carrying weightless boxes. Creatively, this strip has to rank with other bottom feeders like Mark Trail and Apartment 3G.

  7. Unca Scrooge commented on Gasoline Alley 9 days ago

    Smart of Slim t take his wedding ring off when flying to Vegas. Not so smart is not having an idea of how long it takes to fly there. What, is the Internet broken again?

  8. Unca Scrooge commented on Alley Oop 14 days ago

    Yes, art is generally a matter of personal taste. But I can dislike art and still recognize that it is executed well. In the last panel when Alley is balancing (carrying?) boxes on his forearm while carrying an axe is just horribly drawn. And that’s ignoring the really bad writing that had him grab the boxes in the first place so that he would not raise attention. This is plain and simple a really badly produced comic strip. Which is a real shame for what was universally recognized by strip fans as one of the truly great strips of all time.

  9. Unca Scrooge commented on Alley Oop 14 days ago

    A comic strip can be well drawn or not, depending on the artistic talent of the strip artist. It doesn’t have to be good enough to hang in a gallery although there have been many exhibits of comic strip art. Jack’s latest efforts are just so poor that they make me cringe – lack of perspective, lack of detail and background and rather dull, not something one expects in an action strip. The syndicate could decide to hire a more talented artist (and writer) but it clear they just don’t care.

  10. Unca Scrooge commented on Alley Oop 15 days ago

    The art gets worse day-by day. The last couple of days have been pathetic. At least if finally matches Carole’s writing skills.