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  1. Walking_Man_Comics commented on Henry Payne 6 days ago

    has anyone made a list of Drumpf’s lies? a long, long list it would be….

  2. Walking_Man_Comics commented on Henry Payne 9 days ago

    what a terrible drawing of the White House!

  3. Walking_Man_Comics commented on Wizard of Id Classics 13 days ago

    anyone else see this and yesterday’s as presentiments of the new President-elect?

  4. Walking_Man_Comics commented on Steve Breen 19 days ago

    “Hatie”? really? really?

  5. Walking_Man_Comics commented on Robert Ariail 26 days ago

    Cohen Bids Adieu:

    The curtain now is falling, like darkness across the wood.Is that Gabriel who’s calling? I might answer if I could.In this shaky twilight with dawn so drawn awayThis darkness might be heaven or might be hell to pay.Now stands our new CassiusWhere Caesar once had stood,I’m getting out While the getting’s good.

    I’ve lit my love’s last candle.I’ve donned the cape and hood.I’ll put to bed the scandal As best I know I should.If morning brings us mourning only night-time ends the play.This darkness might be heaven or might be hell to pay.Now stands there our CroesusWhere the Buddha once had stood.I’m getting outWhile the getting’s good.I’m getting out while the getting’s good.

  6. Walking_Man_Comics commented on Henry Payne 26 days ago

    CELEBRATE Trump’s Election: scrawl obscene and/or hateful slogans on public buildings, synagogues, churches, threaten others with handguns, insult, denigrate, even beat up “fags,” “blacks,” “others;” behave insultingly to women!

  7. Walking_Man_Comics commented on Phoebe and Her Unicorn about 1 month ago

    comic books instead of candy for Halloween!!!

  8. Walking_Man_Comics commented on Nick Anderson 2 months ago

    It’s Typhoony Don (oh that permanant wave)!

  9. Walking_Man_Comics commented on Darrin Bell 2 months ago

    thank you, Darrin

  10. Walking_Man_Comics commented on Glenn McCoy 2 months ago

    Y’know who cuts off people’s hands?