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  1. teardroprain commented on For Better or For Worse over 1 year ago


    I am glad that, although you have COPD and sometimes need a cane to get around, that you decided not get handicap parking stalls. And I do agree with you that handicap parking stalls are modified for those individuals who use mechanical mobility aids, but disagree that they should be restricted to them.

    Disabled parking stalls are for individuals who do meet the qualifications under the their state guidelines. Sometimes there are individuals have an invisible illness or don’t have a mechanical mobility aid, but still meet the guidelines and need closer parking spaces. This include children or adult who have a disability that require another person to guide them, and who have a higher risk of getting injured the longer they are in the parking area. Also, individuals who need to stop and rest every 200 hundred feet, these people can walk down the aisle of a store but only because they are able to stop and rest. Stopping and resting in a parking lot can be dangerous, especially if they do not have the ability to move fast in case a car loses control. Others have a disability that restricts their time outside in certain weather conditions, such as too much sun, heat or cold. Inside they are fine because of the temperature control of the building and inside a car but outside in the environment can cause problems.

    I realize I have written a lot but what I mean to say is that I am happy that you decided not to take a handicap parking permit because you knew you could handle the extra walk, but there are circumstances that we may not know about someone who doesn’t not have a wheelchair but does have a disability , and needs/uses handicap parking spots. This is not to say that it is not taken advantage by some but we don’t always know the full story.

  2. teardroprain commented on Dog Eat Doug about 2 years ago

    Love the Nerdist shirt.

  3. teardroprain commented on Bewley over 2 years ago

    My dad used “the mechanic called, he found more problems with your car and said it will be an additional $500 to fix it.”

    Scared and angered my hiccups away.

  4. teardroprain commented on HUBRIS! about 3 years ago

    Love the look in the second panel.

  5. teardroprain commented on Bewley about 3 years ago

    None of the “spoilers” that simpsonfan2 wrote are real spoilers.

  6. teardroprain commented on C'est la Vie about 3 years ago

    I think Pierre is just waning Lucas that his life may be in danger…he does have a history with Mona in regards to pain.

  7. teardroprain commented on Break of Day over 3 years ago

    Recently found out that some capchas are being used to help digitize books.

  8. teardroprain commented on Calvin and Hobbes over 3 years ago

    I had a friend whose teacher did that with every student except him. My friend’s surname is Surh, pronounced “sir”.

  9. teardroprain commented on Dog Eat Doug over 3 years ago

    I get a lot of these types of wisdom at work. Thanks goodness for selective hearing.

  10. teardroprain commented on Over the Hedge over 3 years ago

    I actually like milk coffee Kit Kat flavor. But better is sakura matcha latte flavor.