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  1. Mother Thalweg commented on Cleo and Company 1 day ago

    Dear nice Ms. Girouard,

    It was wholly a pleasure to see your comment and question to my son, Rotifer. Unfortunately he is unable to respond right now.

    You see, just after he posted his comment here on nice Mr. Nighthawks’ strip, he checked out today’s Frog Applause. That nice Ms. Teresa Burrito (or something like that) had included a reference to his name and profession.

    Well, the fame and fortune that comes with seeing one’s name mentioned in a famous cartoon overwhelmed him and, substance abuse victim that he is, he began abusing his substance of choice. I haven’t heard from him since I received a telegram saying he had maxed out his prepaid Macaroni Grill Canoli Club Card and was headed across the street to Fazoli’s to hang by the dumpster and hope for the best.

    As to your question for him, I’m sure he didn’t notice. In addition to pasta dependency and congenital hypogonadism, he’s color blind.

    Anyhoo, thank you (and all his other little friends here at Sherpa*) for keeping him busy and distracted. I’m sure he’ll be posting here again when he recovers enough (and those men in the white coats loosen his restraints enough for him to reach the keyboard).


    Rotifer’s Mother

    * Which I understand is to GoComics what pay toilets are to the European travel industry.

  2. Mother Thalweg commented on Frog Applause 1 day ago

    Dear Ms. Burritt Teresa,

    It was a very nice thought on your part to recognize Rotifer’s loyalty to your twisted special brand of cartoonery.

    Unfortunately today’s strip fanned the flames of his already overheated ego, the massive fame attendant to any mention in Frog Applause went straight to his head, and he went on a pasta bender. Lord knows where he is now but the parking lot of Olive Garden waiting for the doors to open would be a good place to start looking.

    If I find him and can dry him out without having to send him back to camp in Italy I’ll make sure he sends you a nice thank you note.


    Rotifer’s Mother

    P.S. That nice Mr Brass Orchid is right. I’m very proud of my Rotty, his pasta dependency notwithstanding. After all, P.D. is a disease like any other (especially adrenal insufficiency, failing manhood, nervous debility, involuntary kazoolessness and Oxford comma deficiency).

  3. Mother Thalweg commented on No Ambiguity 26 days ago

    Fuh, fuh, fuh …. FISH?!


    Rotifer’s Mother
    Chairwoman, GoComics Chapter
    Women’s Christian Temperance Union

  4. Mother Thalweg commented on Frog Applause about 1 month ago

    Dear Tee

    Perspective is an important thing. By that I mean it could be worse. You could be Rotifer’s mother.


    Rotifer’s Mother

    P.S. My favorite part was, “something irrelevant.”

  5. Mother Thalweg commented on Frog Applause about 1 month ago

    Dear Tee

    The photo of Rotifer’s aunts Kris and Kross is very becoming. Thank you for posting.


    Rotifer’s Mother

    P.S. You know what I say about your critics? I say, “Let she among you who is without butt acne cast the first stone.”

  6. Mother Thalweg commented on No Ambiguity 4 months ago

    Dear Mr. Radish:

    Your mother had more confidence in you than you had confidence in you (mothers are like that … yeah they are).


    Rotifer’s Mother

    P.S. From The Department of I Before E Except After C: … (I would have made a very entertaining editor).

  7. Mother Thalweg commented on Frog Applause 7 months ago

    Dear Author of Today’s Strip

    Thank you very much for the straightforward and informative and not-at-all whacked out or opaque or over-the-top exposition of that one narrow aspect of the life of a WWI soldier. It was utterly without preconception and embraced exactly zero present moments as it unfolded.


    /s/ Rotifer’s Mother

    P.S. Who are you and what have you done with Tee?

  8. Mother Thalweg commented on Frog Applause 11 months ago

    Dear Ms. Burritt

    I rise to protest on behalf of mothers everywhere, across every species.

    No matter what our progeny may do, whether its force his mother to suffer though several failed marriages; disappoint his mother and go to law school (I wanted him to major in third world dictatorship); form defense leagues for reclusive trashy redneck e-comic artists; require expensive treatment at European clinics for pasta addictions, or …

    What was my point?

    Never mind.


    Rotifer’s Mother

    P.S. At least he didn’t become a (spits on the ground) cartoonist.

  9. Mother Thalweg commented on Frog Applause about 1 year ago

    Dear Mr. Smile

    Thank you* very much for reminding all the nice people who read the comments section of Frog Applause that Pres. Clinton was from Arkansas.


    /s/ Rotifer’s Mother

    * Not really

  10. Mother Thalweg commented on Cleo and Company about 1 year ago

    Dear Mr. nighthawks

    You ask, “how the heck did you know the name of the painting?”

    The answer is quite simple: I know stuff.

    Very truly yours,

    Rotifer’s Mother Ma Scalawag