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  1. alittlebirdie commented on Pickles 5 months ago

    Nelson will soon learn that all females ask if they are fat. He has to learn what answer to give so he survives another day.

  2. alittlebirdie commented on Pickles 6 months ago

    Cake is cake. Just because you don’t see this done very often, doesn’t mean it can’t be done this way.

  3. alittlebirdie commented on Pickles 6 months ago

    If only I could read upside down, I’d be able to read what Earl is writing. I see he’s just writing his 4th item. I wonder how many pages he will fill up.

  4. alittlebirdie commented on Pickles 6 months ago

    @rsketch, I heard (or read) the same thing. Now I say the same thing and I’m a Yankee.

  5. alittlebirdie commented on Pickles 7 months ago

    @ Jo Clear (aka:Grasshopper), A grandma has the right to correct their grandchildren. It’s in the rulebook.

  6. alittlebirdie commented on Pickles 7 months ago

    Their daughter should have a baby girl. I’d like to see how Earl takes care of a baby. He could also teach Nelson how to be a big brother. But then, Opal would have 3 people that would have to stay out of trouble when she has a sore neck.

  7. alittlebirdie commented on Pickles 10 months ago

    I had an ex-friend that would get so upset when my kids would interrupt our conversation on the phone. It takes a second to answer their question, but she’d get so upset. It wasn’t until she became a parent and she learned why kids do what they do, and why parents do what they do. Her kids would interrupt our conversations on the phone all the time and I didn’t say a word. I could be doing nothing and my kids would not talk to me. The phone rings and all of a sudden they want to tell me something. Comes with the territory. (They did not grow up being individuals that interrupt other people: I was the only lucky one they’d interrupt).

  8. alittlebirdie commented on Pickles 10 months ago

    This reminded me of George Burns and Gracie Allen comedy routine. I loved their show.

  9. alittlebirdie commented on Pickles 10 months ago

    If Mrs. Pollifax can do it, so can Opal. Mrs. Pollifax is a character that decided she wanted to be a spy in her old age. Walked into a law enforcement agency (I think it was the CIA) and said she’d like to be a spy. At first they said no, then realized that no one would suspect a gentle grandmotherly type being a spy and thus Mrs. Pollifax became a spy. Love those books.

  10. alittlebirdie commented on Pickles 11 months ago

    An FYI that they will also turn off the comments if readers are being vulgar and rude. One site turned them off when a parent commented that her kids view the comments and to write such vulgar and rude things was not something any kid should have to read. Personally, I don’t like reading all the comments that some post when they are putting Opal down. This couple reminds me of any grandpa and grandma and how they’ve evolved into their golden years. I would hate to see the comments turned off because of a few haters. Just read the comic and if you can’t say anything nice, then don’t say anything at all.