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Working Daze

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  1. Vaporman commented on B.C. about 1 month ago

    Good and proper use for miniature poodles. We had one, although it was smart, the thing was contrary and manipulative. Would look right at me while peeing on the wall. I promised to kill it if my wife didn’t get rid of it. People to whom she gave it invited us over, and their house reeked of dog pee.

  2. Vaporman commented on Matt Davies 5 months ago

    I’m old enough to remember when we HAD to go to Gun Safety Classes, put on by the local Sheriff. The instructor stood at the front of the class, pulled out a handgun, unloaded it, stripped it of the firing pin, then asked, “Who here has not held a handgun?” The ones that didn’t raise their hands were last: He went around the classroom saying quietly into the ear of each student as he handed them the gun to handle, “You are holding Death. Never point a gun at anything you don’t want to kill.”

    Made a real impression on me.

  3. Vaporman commented on Red and Rover 6 months ago

    Love panel 1: Great interpretation of Shatner’s overacting.

  4. Vaporman commented on Gary Varvel 7 months ago

    You got the wrong “candidate” in the middle, there…

  5. Vaporman commented on Frazz 8 months ago

    Great job, Jef. This is going wonderful places. Can’t wait for tomorrow’s!

  6. Vaporman commented on Luann 8 months ago

    This story arc makes me glad I’ve been married for 41 years. It means all this ‘figuring it out’ is 43 years behind me.

  7. Vaporman commented on Pickles 9 months ago

    Talk about losing your edge – the CAT is on the COUNTER where you’re preparing FOOD…?

  8. Vaporman commented on Frank & Ernest 9 months ago

    Two bucks or more for a 12 oz. cup of mediocre coffee (no refills!) is about twice what everyone else charges.

    I’m with Michael above – I tip 20%+ for good service (even though I’m on a budget and seldom go out), but having to stand around waiting for someone to pour a cup of coffee doesn’t count.

  9. Vaporman commented on Steve Kelley 9 months ago

    What utter nonsense and outright hatred in the comments today, masquerading as political commentary. You’re going to pretend to tell a Constitutional scholar about the Constitution…?

  10. Vaporman commented on Jeff Danziger 12 months ago

    Love the subtle comment with the newspaper in the corner… Good job today!