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  1. d_odds commented on Working Daze 16 days ago

    Pretty sure you are right, but Ferguson’s role hasn’t been updated on IMDB yet.

  2. d_odds commented on F Minus about 1 month ago

    Are they Luke and Owen Skywalker. The white shirt looks awfully familiar.

  3. d_odds commented on Inspector Danger's Crime Quiz 2 months ago

    Must be a 24 hour watch for Alfie to know it stopped at 9:17 AM. Personally, I don’t remember any watch (which I wear on my left) with a winding pin in the 1 o’clock (or 7 o’clock if reversed) position. It has always been at 3 o’clock.

  4. d_odds commented on Ripley's Believe It or Not 2 months ago

    He was fired about 2/3 into the 1975 season, and ended up managing the Houston Astros the same year. His Yankee managing record was a little over .500, as was his career managing record.

  5. d_odds commented on Cheap Thrills Cuisine 2 months ago

    That was my first thought too. Also, don’t leave out the salt. Salt works to counteract bitter flavors. It’s why there are nearly all baked goods contain salt. Without it, cakes, cupcakes, cookies, etc. would just taste flat. 1/2 tsp kosher salt (~1/4 tsp table salt) won’t make this salty, just better. If one is worried about health, worry more about the butter and sugar.

  6. d_odds commented on Ripley's Believe It or Not 4 months ago

    The maddest my grandmother ever got was once when I referred to us as Italians. While I really have no dog in the fight, now, in memory of my grandmother, I always make sure to say its Sicilian, not Italian, when people ask about my last name.

    And it’s a viaduct, not a bridge, Ripley. Basically, the ground underneath it shifted and someone didn’t account for that.

  7. d_odds commented on Inspector Danger's Crime Quiz 5 months ago

    While I got it right, that’s what I thought. We have to arrange show shoveling when we vacation in the winter, else we’ll get ticketed.

  8. d_odds commented on Rudy Park 7 months ago

    That is not what ODD represents. And a quick glance at the woo in that article tells me that you are not very good at discerning fact from fiction. Check out ’Ripley’s Believe It or Not’. Right up your alley.

  9. d_odds commented on Inspector Danger's Crime Quiz 7 months ago

    The young green leaf on the branch while everyone is wearing coats in January was the giveaway for me, too.

  10. d_odds commented on Signe Wilkinson 8 months ago

    I guess the “Daring Satire” was from the parts of the movie not shown in any of the trailers.