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  1. SkippyBob commented on Calvin and Hobbes over 5 years ago

    That … glass … of … Watterson?! HA HA HA HA HA

    Great one, Hobbes!

    Calvin should rethink the hydro bomb, though. His dad is already looking pretty “bugged”.

  2. SkippyBob commented on Shoe over 5 years ago

    TSA’s book for kids: My First Cavity Search:


    (The original link on the right margin appears to be in French)

    And, for playing at home, the Playmobil Airport Security Set:


  3. SkippyBob commented on Calvin and Hobbes about 6 years ago

    It took me a while to set up a new account. In the mean time, RCMinor beat me to the punch!

    The socialist who created the original pledge in 1892 was named Francis Bellamy. Looking up both Francis Bellamy and Bellamy Salute on Wikipedia are informative.