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  1. LuvThemPluggers commented on Pluggers about 12 hours ago

    Careful there! Too many floaters and/or fireworks in your eyes wihen it’s not July 4th means a visit to the ER for possible retinal detachment. (Ask me how I know.) The small floaters I still have left look like bugs on the counter to me.

  2. LuvThemPluggers commented on Pluggers 1 day ago

    Besides, there’s a nice “as seen on TV” section’ at WM and also on the auction sites with many of the exact same items for a whole lot less.

  3. LuvThemPluggers commented on Pluggers 3 days ago

    Ooooh, Grandma’s favorite cookies! Makes me hungry!

  4. LuvThemPluggers commented on Pluggers 3 days ago

    Wow, Larry is hot this week! I’ve never had two of my submissions hit print in a row!

  5. LuvThemPluggers commented on Pickles 3 days ago

    I’ve found that almost any old person has wisdom and history and perspective to pass along, f anyone is willng to listen. I’ve also found that most of the young ‘uns don’t give a whit. The world began the day they were born.

  6. LuvThemPluggers commented on Pluggers 5 days ago

    And even more paper for all your past and current medical issues, but the Dr may not believe you, anyway. Hey, he’ll be old some day!

  7. LuvThemPluggers commented on Pluggers 7 days ago

    No, I never heard that. I have wondered what ever happened to Mercedes McCambridge, Elena Verdugo and more of those wonderful radio voices that never made it to TV.

  8. LuvThemPluggers commented on Pluggers 7 days ago

    How I loved those old radio shows! The pictures it drew in your mind were so much better than anything on TV. later. I remember hearing that the horses hooves were created by wooden cups smacked on a table. TV put all those sound effects guys out of business. My dad preferred radio all of his days, he said you could keep on working and still listen. He thought TV was a passing phase and would never catch on.

  9. LuvThemPluggers commented on Pluggers 7 days ago

    Kemosabe was a new word to us,old pluggers too, when we were kids, but we figured it out in context. BTW, it’s in Wikipedia. On the other hand, we never heard of wasabi, We didn’t eat out a lot.

  10. LuvThemPluggers commented on Pluggers 8 days ago

    Then if they could just control the mommies that drive like maniacs, double park, jaywalk and throw car doors open into approaching traffic.(. You can tell I live near an elementary school)