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  1. LuvThemPluggers commented on For Better or For Worse 1 day ago

    Note filthy hand on the door frame while Lizzie asks the obvious question. That’s what Elly gets for making a “vague” request. (it’s the same way my kids thought, the diabolical little …..)

  2. LuvThemPluggers commented on Frank & Ernest 2 days ago

    It was early 1940’s when I remember watching the neighbors get an ice delivery. There was this pull-out pan at the bottom of the ice box and often the floor ended up needing mopping. I’m guessing 2 or 3 times a week delivery, depending on weather. Nobody locked doors and the iceman just whistled when he walked in with the ice on his back. He wore a canvas or leather cape. I never understood the neighbor kids running and clamoring all over the truck for slivers of ice like it was candy. It just hurt my teeth. Now milk deliveries were more interesting, especially in winter when the milk froze and cream pushed up the paper lid and sometimes you could swipe a bit of “ice cream.”

  3. LuvThemPluggers commented on Pluggers 3 days ago

    Louisiana inJuly, damp orange shag carpet, humidity that never let us dry out even once. Crickets inside the room driving us nuts. We were so tired we sprayed Raid behind the TV and slept in a toxic atmosphere, but never again.

  4. LuvThemPluggers commented on For Better or For Worse 8 days ago

    circa 1952, my little brother was soooo disappointed that those new TV dinners didn’t cook on top of the TV. Every guy’s dream?

  5. LuvThemPluggers commented on Pearls Before Swine 10 days ago

    So what is the red thing in the 1st, 2nd and last panels? A pencil?

  6. LuvThemPluggers commented on Pluggers 12 days ago

    On eBay you can find vintage Corningware and fill in those pieces of your sets you’ve lost or broken over the years. Also the beautiful Corelle dishes. Boy, was I happy when I discovered that!

  7. LuvThemPluggers commented on For Better or For Worse 16 days ago

    I, too, hate phones, mindless shopping and I don’t fly. Born a century too late.

  8. LuvThemPluggers commented on Arlo and Janis 17 days ago

    Ludwig knows cats are self-cleaning.

  9. LuvThemPluggers commented on Herman 17 days ago

    My brother had a dog named Ralph, because, he said, it was the only name the mutt could say. Ralph had much the same attitude as Ralphie.

  10. LuvThemPluggers commented on Pickles 17 days ago

    space for future urn???