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  1. LuvThemPluggers commented on Pluggers about 15 hours ago

    and by the time he’s done with all that, he’ll need a shower himself.

  2. LuvThemPluggers commented on Pluggers about 24 hours ago

    My home-canning kin are modern enough that they do have generators to keep their freezers going during those scary storms. ;^)

  3. LuvThemPluggers commented on Pluggers 1 day ago

    It’s gets scary when you look in the mirror and instantly recognize your Grandma (or Grandpa, as the case may be.)

  4. LuvThemPluggers commented on Herman 1 day ago

    I knew someone who happened to be in the shower when the ‘94 Northridge earthquake hit. He said it was like skiing nude, in a rainstorm, in the dark. Somehow, he didn’t break bones.

  5. LuvThemPluggers commented on Pluggers 2 days ago

    My relatives in the South both freeze and can food. Their freezers are so full you couldn’t wedge a popsicle in there. At times, like when a hurricane or tornado strikes, they never have to worry about getting out to buy food.

  6. LuvThemPluggers commented on Pluggers 2 days ago

    Mom used to make grape jelly from Concords that grew on our back fence. She swore ifyou ate the purple foam that collected at the top of the cooking pan you’d die. Ummm, I still appear to be here, Mom. Hate to think you’d tell a lie. She sealed the jars with melted paraffin. Nobody ever got botulism.

  7. LuvThemPluggers commented on Pluggers 3 days ago

    Yup, and then you trade with your cousin and your best friend and your sister-in-law until you all have a nice selection of “put up” food to take you through the winter. (I don’t, but my Down South kin always do this.)

  8. LuvThemPluggers commented on Herman 3 days ago

    In the paper, this ‘toon looked like there’s half a woman floating in mid-air. I thought it was something re: Halloween.

  9. LuvThemPluggers commented on Pluggers 4 days ago

    ..and all the comforts of home!

  10. LuvThemPluggers commented on Pickles 8 days ago

    Good boy, Roscoe!