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  1. LuvThemPluggers commented on For Better or For Worse 1 day ago

    circa 1952, my little brother was soooo disappointed that those new TV dinners didn’t cook on top of the TV. Every guy’s dream?

  2. LuvThemPluggers commented on Pearls Before Swine 3 days ago

    So what is the red thing in the 1st, 2nd and last panels? A pencil?

  3. LuvThemPluggers commented on Pluggers 5 days ago

    On eBay you can find vintage Corningware and fill in those pieces of your sets you’ve lost or broken over the years. Also the beautiful Corelle dishes. Boy, was I happy when I discovered that!

  4. LuvThemPluggers commented on For Better or For Worse 9 days ago

    I, too, hate phones, mindless shopping and I don’t fly. Born a century too late.

  5. LuvThemPluggers commented on Arlo and Janis 10 days ago

    Ludwig knows cats are self-cleaning.

  6. LuvThemPluggers commented on Herman 10 days ago

    My brother had a dog named Ralph, because, he said, it was the only name the mutt could say. Ralph had much the same attitude as Ralphie.

  7. LuvThemPluggers commented on Pickles 10 days ago

    space for future urn???

  8. LuvThemPluggers commented on Pluggers 10 days ago

    …and that was one of his good shirts!

  9. LuvThemPluggers commented on Herman 11 days ago

    But I would argue every 12 year old boy SHOULD see that, LOL. There would be a lot less casual secks!

  10. LuvThemPluggers commented on Pluggers 12 days ago

    I think some of us have tape recorders in our brains. I’ve had a “soundtrack” all my adult life. The muffled radio is a frequent one and my Dr wanted to medicate me for that! Also, if I visit with somebody, I will hear their voice like from another room for days afterwards. I heard my Mom down the hall laughing and talking to someone on the phone long after she was gone. It doesn’t scare me, it’s just there. But I do have TV or radio on most of my awake hours just to cover the ruckus in my head.