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  1. y2houser commented on Cattitude — Doggonit 1 day ago

    that is too funny in a sad way!!

  2. y2houser commented on Jeff Stahler 8 days ago

    We gave Obama a chance so why not Trump? Wake up and look at where we are now! America needs a jump start and better direction…. and if we allow Clinton to continue, we will be lost and broken. She’s getting away w/ murder…

  3. y2houser commented on Cattitude — Doggonit about 1 month ago

    like this one…. reminds me of my dogs…

  4. y2houser commented on Cattitude — Doggonit 2 months ago

    Always loved dogs, but have grown to like cats too… think having both makes it more interesting… kind of like a love/hate relationship

  5. y2houser commented on Steve Breen 5 months ago

    There are Black groups along w/ white that are in support of Obama or the other candidates. so are they would be supported by racist groups. I bet there is a little racism in everyone; but they will not admit it…

  6. y2houser commented on Steve Breen 5 months ago

    I don’t like the Klan, but this could be something not in Trump’s control. Whether it is an organization, or a policy, or a belief, or where you were born, there is always going to be something somewhere that any of the candidates or present President is doing or did or affiliated with that everyone will not be happy with. I am getting sick of all the childish behavior on all parties. Stick to what you can do for this country and not childlike bickering trying to ’up’’ the other one.
    and this editorial doesn’t make me side one way or the other. just another person trying to belittle another.

  7. y2houser commented on Steve Breen 5 months ago

    why not ban them and airplanes? let’s go back to horse and buggy; but oh, I think the pioneers died from those too… dang

  8. y2houser commented on Steve Breen 5 months ago

    enough w/ blaming color or poor or rich; it is your education and upbringing that puts you in the environment to choose to work and respect life. I guess God giving you a brain means NOT to use it? An adult who is less fortunate can still teach or bring up a child to not choose a life of guns and how to obtain a job.

  9. y2houser commented on Steve Breen 6 months ago

    boy, what we spend our time worrying about or arguing over when there is much more important things than a stupid gold statue that will get you nothing in the end….

  10. y2houser commented on Diamond Lil 10 months ago

    this is probably my favorite comic strip!! love Stupid’s expressions. Stupid should have his own strip!