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  1. Number Three commented on Peanuts about 15 hours ago

    Hello. Guess who’s back?

    It’s so nice to be back and see all my lovely friends again. Did you get my email I sent you yesterday? I think you’ll like it.

    Here’s hoping you like your weekend even more!


  2. Number Three commented on The Buckets about 19 hours ago

    Life was so much better before the kids came along.

    I’m just saying.


  3. Number Three commented on Pearls Before Swine about 19 hours ago

    Yep. That’s what I would call a hero.


  4. Number Three commented on Peanuts about 19 hours ago

    Charlie Brown may have dodged a bullet there. What if they had both got together and she treated him like crap?

    I’ve avoided relationships like the plague because I don’t want to risk my life being unhappy with some loser.

    There is not somebody out there for everyone.


  5. Number Three commented on Pickles about 19 hours ago

    Don’t let other people try to control your life. They don’t know squat.


  6. Number Three commented on Mutt & Jeff about 19 hours ago

    Send her to prison. She called you when you just laid down.



  7. Number Three commented on Marmaduke about 19 hours ago

    Pictures are much better!


  8. Number Three commented on Garfield about 19 hours ago

    I didn’t get this for a moment until after I read some of the comments.

    It’s this heat making my brain fuzzy.


  9. Number Three commented on Calvin and Hobbes about 19 hours ago

    I never learned to swim and look at me. Alive and kicking!


  10. Number Three commented on Andy Capp about 20 hours ago

    Yes. He’s after her money.

    I have an electric fan in my bedroom and it’s lovely relaxing on my bed because the fan is at my bedside table.

    I’ll be posting tunes soon. You’ll just have to be patient for a bit. Me and Mum were going to my auntie’s tomorrow but we won’t be now because there is an air show on and the buses will be unreliable as they always are when events are on. So it’s not really worth going.

    Here is your avatar: