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  1. Zuhlamon GoComics Pro Member commented on Chris Britt 3 days ago

    What he has done… is to give the ultimate death to the Rethuglican party
    Conservative politics has its own merits, especially depending on the locality. Unfortunately, there are a lot of foolish people who either believe in everything they are told by right-wing media, are unable to accept empirical data as fact, or are just plain STUPID. Some of them believe that 9/11 was Obama’s fault, for example. Hell, Trump’s fascist son claims he’s younger than Hillary’s political career – let’s see, she became a Senator in Y2K and Trump Jr. is 32… (do the math)

  2. Zuhlamon GoComics Pro Member commented on Marshall Ramsey 9 days ago

    You’re right. It’s gonna be hilarious, watching Donald away from his teleprompter, with whatever weird “facts” he can pull out of his … wherever… and HRC poking him with a short, sharp stick called REALITY on every really stupid idea he has.

  3. Zuhlamon GoComics Pro Member commented on Mike Luckovich 9 days ago

    On Putin, who has turned into a de-facto dictator of Russia, the Washington Post said in a recent editorial :
    “At the Commander-in-Chief Forum on Sept. 7, you said that as long as Putin says nice things about you, you will say nice things about him. That is not a standard by which a president should make policy decisions. That should not even enter your calculus. Your only question should be What is in the best interests of the United States?
    And Putin is “ex-KGB”. Excuse me, but once KGB, always KGB. I don’t know which is scarier, a Russian dictator trying to undermine our election, or that one of our candidates is so (expletive) stupid and vain that he admires and welcomes that warlord – and truly stupid people in this country want him as POTUS.

  4. Zuhlamon GoComics Pro Member commented on Chip Bok 9 days ago

    Hence the hammer, to see to it that no inconvenient facts remain, just like the cell phone destruction.
    Which is how devices are supposed to be disposed. The only “inconvenient facts” you’re alluding to are nothing more than copies of something that doesn’t exist. And I’m sure they are authentic in every way.
    Look! OMG! Nothing there! That must mean they destroyed it! LOCK HER UP!!

  5. Zuhlamon GoComics Pro Member commented on Clay Bennett 9 days ago

    His antics and behavior are reminiscent of untreated ADHD. Thoughts fly like spaghetti in his brain, and he’s impulsively indulging his whim of iron, saying and doing whatever comes to mind. It’s why his handlers try to keep him chained to that teleprompter.
    The social dysfunctions and narcissism only exacerbates the problem.
    And the wing-nuts want that lunatic as POTUS. Incredible.

  6. Zuhlamon GoComics Pro Member commented on Nick Anderson 9 days ago

    Sueamerican has been sliding downhill for some time now
    Yeah, I’ve noticed, too. Otherwise a nice person.

  7. Zuhlamon GoComics Pro Member commented on Dana Summers 11 days ago

    It was your pal Donald who said (and I’m paraphrasing) “I will defeat ISIS in one, maybe two, months, without a big army, and then we’ll move in and take their oil.”
    And just how the hell d’ya think he’s going to do that? Not with those orbital phase batteries, but with neutron bombs. This is the guy who will use nukes, Bill. And he will also be a patsy to the Russians, who will have a free hand in Europe and the Middle East – unless you’d prefer another war?
    And what kind of “push back” do you see?
    Like Trump, you make a lot of noise and thump your chest about how tough you are – without much consideration about the ways and means to implement a short-sighted strategy, and nothing at all about the long-term collateral damage.

  8. Zuhlamon GoComics Pro Member commented on Bob Gorrell 11 days ago


  9. Zuhlamon GoComics Pro Member commented on Drew Sheneman 11 days ago

    She’s been hanging around Alex Jones InfoWars, or maybe Breitbart or Drudge, so of course she knows everything there is to know. And it’s always, without exception, the fault of those evil Democrats, Obama, Clinton, Liberals, etc

  10. Zuhlamon GoComics Pro Member commented on Michael Ramirez 11 days ago

    “What this town needs, is an enema.”
    - The Joker