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  1. PDXCubbie commented on Free Range 21 days ago

    Looks like the current administration we have here. Hmmmmmmm!

  2. PDXCubbie commented on Pluggers 24 days ago

    I always have to GO before I GO anywhere! LOL!

  3. PDXCubbie commented on Looks Good on Paper 27 days ago

    Happy Fourth, Dan! Thanks for coming up with great comics! CHEERS!

  4. PDXCubbie commented on Loose Parts about 1 month ago

    The roll needs to go the other way, under not over!

  5. PDXCubbie commented on Looks Good on Paper about 1 month ago

    And Thanks so much for doing it well! Great Tribute!

  6. PDXCubbie commented on FoxTrot Classics 2 months ago

    That’s what I am dealing with now. These websites are whack! I see the same jobs over and over again every day, you would think they would have filled that job by now! SERIOUSLY??!! But I keep pluggin away. Gotta find something. Oh, to wish for simpler times…..(sigh)

  7. PDXCubbie commented on Gil 3 months ago

    Someone needed to check for errors, check last panel. It should be THAT actually seems like a good point. The Grammar check is complete! LOL!

  8. PDXCubbie commented on Ripley's Believe It or Not 4 months ago

    What I wouldn’t give for 20 hours of sleep! I’m lucky if I can get 6. UGH!

  9. PDXCubbie commented on Calvin and Hobbes 4 months ago

    Thank You! I have been trying to tell some people that sometimes, these are comics, leave the politics out of it!

  10. PDXCubbie commented on Gil 5 months ago

    When I was a kid, we entertained ourselves, we had imagination all over the place, we invented games and tv shows and act them out. All kinds of awesome, fun things. Kids nowadays are NOT inventive or resourceful anymore, it’s sad really……