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  1. John Russell GoComics Pro Member commented on Gil Thorp 7 months ago

    My nephew was a rugby player … there aint no amount of money that would make me challenge him.

  2. John Russell GoComics Pro Member commented on Gil Thorp 8 months ago

    nunt uh

  3. John Russell GoComics Pro Member commented on Rip Haywire 8 months ago

    that’s a totally true comment/statement

  4. John Russell GoComics Pro Member commented on Gil Thorp 9 months ago

    I am 6’ 4" 240 lbs and my bride is 5’6" 130 I think lbs … I have never danced with a girl taller than me … even in high school. When I was 18 or 19 I had a girlfriend that was 6 feet tall. Merrylee. She was a much better skier than me. I rather snowboard now .. the secrete to that is look where you are going (down the hill) not at your feet or board … once you get the hang of it , then it doesn’t matter where you look. just sayen

  5. John Russell GoComics Pro Member commented on Gil Thorp 9 months ago

    Kenzie has got her hands all over Maxwell, there may be more, better milestones yet. Even old people like us like to kiss and especially when the kisser really knows how to kiss. Some people say the magic in real eros love is sex (oh, and I still like sex) some say it’s when you all dance real slow & close (oh, and I still like to dance slow & close) some say it’s when the weekend comes and you both sleep in and wake up late together. (oh, and I still like sleeping in with her even after more than 35 years) Some say it’s all sorts of stuff … but I say it is in a good kiss. Now when you are young Kissing is important but most young people do not have a clue how important good kissing really is. Real good sex always begins with at least three real good kisses. (I also must say that a quickie is good for the soul once in awhile, but too many quickies will hurt a relationship) Once lovers realize how important real good kissing is, and knowing that they cannot always, or should I say have sex just anytime … but anytime is right for two people to kiss. Life has a really cool way of dishing out the little things that mean so much when you get older and live in a real functional loving relationship. I think that I think more of that little old green eyed gal now than I did when we were kids. just sayen …

  6. John Russell GoComics Pro Member commented on Dick Tracy 9 months ago

    I still read but Less to deal with is better for me. I spend too much time wasting time … that’s just me and i admire you all that do this. carry on …

  7. John Russell GoComics Pro Member commented on Gil Thorp 9 months ago

    What’s up with his left eye in panel 3 …?

  8. John Russell GoComics Pro Member commented on Gil Thorp 9 months ago

    After they kiss she will know what she needs to know. Maxwell may have a tiger by the tail, and not know it. When I was a kid (about 100 years ago) there was Carol Ann we were in our early 20’s … She was about 90 lbs soak & wet. very pretty, awesome strawberry blond hair, but very quiet. She was part of a circle of people that had a common interest, but none of the guys asked her out … so after about three or four months I asked her if she’d like to go to the dance with me, and she said I’d love to. ………… Just let me say this … NO REGRETS !! Except the part where she tried to kill me with her car. My brother and one of our friends were in a high speed getaway chase; I was driving my brother’s pickup as fast as it would go while Carol Ann had a Chevelle which handled much better was trying to wreck us. Wes’s truck had a lot of motor and we could put distance on her when there were better roads. When we got on interstate 79 South I put my foot to the floor and when that F150 got to 100 MPH … that was the last time that I saw Carol Ann Craw. I herd that she stayed at her job at Southern States Cooperative in Morgantown, West Virginia, but she did move from her apartment. Never saw her again, but a friend said that she was still quiet and shy and hung out with another group that had a similar interest as ours.

    About a year after C.A.C. I met my sweetheart … we were a couple for almost two years, then we got married and that has been almost 36 years … I’ve busted a few heads for disrespecting her … did not talk to our daughter for almost a year for being hateful to her (but all is good now between them). I’m retired now and thinking back I have NO REGRETS with my little sweetheart Donna Marie, and I love my mother in law and most of Donna Marie’s siblings as well.

    I usually don’t comment, although I read Gil Throp every day, but today is different. High school lovers brings back memories ….

  9. John Russell GoComics Pro Member commented on Rip Haywire 10 months ago

    We saw “Saving Private Ryan” ….. The beach invasion lasted 15 minutes not 30 and if anyone is in a marriage like that …………….. get out and run like heck, life is too short to constantly torment one’s self with a bad relationship.

    So, I guess this is his idea of changing his mind about marriage and babies and Breezy and Rip ………. with the internet this site can be seen each day by 6.24 billion people and only a few ……………………….. there I go again trying to ride a dead horse while I have a perfectly fine F250 super duty sitting in the driveway …… go figure …

  10. John Russell GoComics Pro Member commented on Rip Haywire 10 months ago

    I do not comment very often here because I cannot help but to think the stupid humor is classless (believe me each day I waist some time reading internet trash)… but I must say I have been married to my sweetheart for almost 36 years. She has been the pin in my grande, the cap in my e-cord (only another hardrock miner would understand), the cream in my coffee, TOP OF THE LINE wife, friend, homemaker, mother and a superb little farmer. She is still as pretty as ever and I adore my gal. Through the years I have busted some heads for insulting her, disowned our kids for not respecting her (at times) …………. my point here is that if you marry the right person life can be bliss. I do not know dan but I’d bet he has been married several times and is not now.

    R.H. has become another one of my bad habits.

    just sayen