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  1. Mitchtheone commented on Diamond Lil 9 days ago

    It is pretty bad when you are thought by a flower…

  2. Mitchtheone commented on Luann 11 days ago

    Actually in math. Yes.. Sewing.. No. but the boy can dream.

    In actuality Quill will do quite well as a character actor. As those type of actors end up with more employment. Rather than always aiming to be a lead.

    I offer this Hollywood veteran.
    He was in “A Few Good Men”1992. Kevin Pollak was the the LT. that followed Demi Moores character around. A great supporting actor.

    Kevin Pollak

    He has stayed employed from 1984 and has projects going into 2015.

    Though Knute will either be just another guy asking you do you want fries with that or the next fast rising entrepreneur. Considering Crystal is his girl friend. I am betting on the latter.

  3. Mitchtheone commented on Bloom County 11 days ago

    Dropping like a brick would have described Mr. Romney campaign to a T. Not that he would have believed or Karl Rove….

  4. Mitchtheone commented on Calvin and Hobbes 18 days ago

    When I was you age we walked ten miles up hill. Through 20 feet of snow. Both ways. With out boots. And we liked it that way…

  5. Mitchtheone commented on Garfield 20 days ago

    A knock on the head.. A sudden lose of critical thinking skills.. Maybe simple brain damage from to much football…. If she doesn’t play foot ball.. I would advise to start immediately..

  6. Mitchtheone commented on Calvin and Hobbes 21 days ago

    And that is why lions eat their young…….

  7. Mitchtheone commented on Garfield 22 days ago

    There is an entire step by step how to give a cat a pill.. Though it does make mention of band aids..Those would be for you. Not the cat..

    And you might want to redecorate as well after you stop the bleeding… Lacerations I hear can be very bad..

  8. Mitchtheone commented on Calvin and Hobbes 22 days ago

    Actually That would be the tea party… Wahh! hate the president. Who don’t the president give us everything e want.. WAH!

  9. Mitchtheone commented on Bloom County 24 days ago

    If he does. He will be the only hope for the republican party. Though his mother is still against her son running…

  10. Mitchtheone commented on Marmaduke 24 days ago

    nobody in here, but us table clothes….