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  1. narrowminded commented on Matt Davies about 4 hours ago

    Leftist medias attempt to build up the third party. Right on cue.

  2. narrowminded commented on Steve Kelley about 13 hours ago

    @Ted Lind
    Buuuuuuuut, since he hasn’t been indicted……wait for it…………shut the h*ll up. That’s the standard you’ve set. Nothin’ there, vast left wing conspiracy……. move along.

  3. narrowminded commented on Steve Kelley about 13 hours ago

    She will carry the title of Madame Secretary Mrs. Bill for life, unless she becomes a governor or president.

  4. narrowminded commented on Steve Kelley about 13 hours ago

    He pays the taxes the law requires him to pay or the IRS would put him in jail.
    If you don’t like the fact that his taxes may be too low, than why vote for Mrs. Bill? Senator Mrs. Bill had plenty of time to raise trumps taxes. Kinda hypocritical of her to complain about it now.

  5. narrowminded commented on Gary Varvel 1 day ago

    Polls show today that Mrs. Bills perceived “victory” has had little effect. Hiring the pornstar reeks of desperation. Her only chance is to get his negatives higher, proving she has nothing to offer herself.

  6. narrowminded commented on Mike Lester 1 day ago

    Sir, the trolls have done their job. Anything negative, regardless how true, must be turned away from Mrs. Bill. It is negative trump all the time. Your ’toon is perfectly correct.

  7. narrowminded commented on Mike Lester 2 days ago

    Mrs. Bill was complicit. She was in charge of the “bimbo eruption” squad.
    Common knowledge.

  8. narrowminded commented on Glenn McCoy 2 days ago

    Mrs. Bills. Top new aide…. a porn star once investigated in a murder for hire plot to kill a judge. Bet Bill likes it.

  9. narrowminded commented on Tom Toles 3 days ago

    All 12 ’toons on this site today are negative trump. Funny, tho…..none are positive Mrs. Bill.

  10. narrowminded commented on Phil Hands 3 days ago

    There will not be ONE positive thing in the media about trump today. Not one. Except his polling numbers.
    The McCoy ’toon from yesterday was spot on.