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  1. narrowminded commented on Gary Varvel 1 day ago

    There are those who simply can’t see.
    “In him was Life and the Life was the light of men.” John 1:4

  2. narrowminded commented on Michael Ramirez 11 days ago

    I struggle with the premise behind this ’toon.
    How far does a people allow its representatives to go, in order to protect the innocent? It appears the left approves of prophylactics only in matters sexual.
    Is justice for the victims, prevention? Retaliation? Revenge?
    For me the lefts passive, moral high ground argument and their lie about no actionable info. being obtained is simply not a solution. It accomplishes nothing.
    The world needs a solution, not rhetoric.

  3. narrowminded commented on Michael Ramirez 11 days ago

    Some advice.
    Your posts accomplish nothing. Your words convince no one of anything other than your own self righteousness.
    Your presumptive moral superiority proves you’re delusional. My hope is that these inane, absurd and mostly incomprehensible posts are an avenue for venting your anger and hate in a non-violent manner. Please seek help.

  4. narrowminded commented on Nick Anderson 11 days ago

    I’ll start.
    I’m saddened by the fact that mainstream Islam appears to turn a blind eye on the terror wing of their faith. Granted, I believe there are Muslims profoundly against terror, however their silence is deafening. The end to Jihadist violence and terror must come from within Islam.
    The solution lies in the one with the sword to his throat.

  5. narrowminded commented on Nick Anderson 11 days ago

    Why is it impossible for the progressives to resist deflecting. Anything negative about Obama is nothing compared to Bush, a ’toon solely about Islam is responded to with attacks on Christianity and all of Western civilization.
    What about the premise of the ’toon?
    Is radical Islam holding a knife to true Islam?

  6. narrowminded commented on Michael Ramirez 13 days ago

    The ’toon is perfectly illuminating the complete hypocrisy of the Democrat party. Spinning lies about prisoner interrogation for purely political purposes. Undermining our ability to garner information that saves lives to score political points, all the while killing people in surprise aerial attacks the endangers civilians and paints the U.S. as cowardly. All of the prisoners lived thru these interrogations. No one was tortured.
    The Democrats rejoice in the torture of a million plus babies being aborted, yet defend a few murdering terrorists so as to color their political opposition as evil.

  7. narrowminded commented on Michael Ramirez 18 days ago

    Rolling Stone, huffington post, salon, NBC, CBS, ABC, New York Times, they all print and report the lefts “narrative”. Breitbart, Fox, and a few newspapers(can’t recall which) report the rights. They feed the conflict and profit by it. They’ve divided this country so as to perpetuate their existence and greed.
    Remember who the enemy is.

  8. narrowminded commented on Henry Payne 18 days ago

    Hasn’t history proven that Govn. can’t be trusted. Net neutrality will corrupt the Internet. The political culture has corrupted the media, setting the people against one another. Their power being derived from the very conflict they continually stoke. The propagandists just keep the pot boiling and we spend our time at each other’s proverbial throat.
    We must remember the enemy of us all populates a small city in the east called the Capital.

  9. narrowminded commented on Jeff Stahler 19 days ago

    It wasn’t too hard for them to pass the largest tax increase in human history, Obamacare. Just give them majorities in both houses and the presidency and they’ll ram them through! They don’t need no stinkin’ opposition votes!

  10. narrowminded commented on Glenn McCoy 21 days ago

    I appreciate the civil response. However I must politely disagree.
    Let’s clarify that in this political venue, pregnancy termination for medically justified purposes are not abortions, in my opinion.
    The term “abortion” as used in a political debate refers to pregnancy terminations based solely on the choice of the mother.
    That being said, a woman holding true conservative values and lives according to conservative principles would be unable to have an abortion.
    The difference between progressive liberalism and conservatism is the former is a set of political beliefs while the latter way of life. I dare say most liberals “live” their lives conservatively while espousing liberal beliefs.