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  1. narrowminded commented on Steve Breen about 6 hours ago

    Disinformation? What, you mean it doesn’t need fixing?Please. Why does it need fixing? Why is it not working. These are the smartest people in the world? Why do they need some stupid RepubliCons to help? The rest of the world is showing us the way, for Petes sake. This fiasco is a complete and utter failure of leftist governance. Period. And Mrs. Bill wants more of it. The war on the middle class rages on.

  2. narrowminded commented on Steve Kelley about 6 hours ago

    Ditto for Barry.

  3. narrowminded commented on Steve Kelley about 6 hours ago

    Spot on. Then she sat on her hands as the people she swore to protect were slaughtered. Oh, then she went to bed. After all, there was an election to win.

  4. narrowminded commented on Clay Jones about 6 hours ago

    Nope. They paused the process to ensure it’s made easier on the vets. The beast always gets the money. Someone’s head is gonna roll for letting this out two weeks before the election!

  5. narrowminded commented on Steve Benson about 6 hours ago

    Sounds like Bill!

  6. narrowminded commented on Glenn McCoy about 12 hours ago

    Deploracare…. the biggest scandal of all! The largest tax increase in human history and the story is……..wait for it……..well many people will get subsidies. It’s actually good news!!Once again the middle class has to make the rich, rich and the poor less poor. It’s the Deploracrats war on the middle class. Funny they’ve been claiming they’re gonna make everyone “pay their fair share” yet never seem to get around to it. Been promising the same crap for a hundred years and haven’t done squat. Hmmmmmm, perhaps they’re just a bunch of scammers.

  7. narrowminded commented on Jeff Stahler 1 day ago

    How’s this ……..Donald Trump has a slim advantage in Florida as critical independent voters narrowly break his way in the must-win battleground state, a Bloomberg Politics poll shows.Hahahahaha.The corrupt establishments nightmare continues.

  8. narrowminded commented on Jeff Stahler 1 day ago

    Stahler, you do realize that penning this you support Mrs. Bill.You’re supporting the U.N. small arms treaty, Govn. healthcare, TPP, open borders, a flood of refugees, appeasement, more Syrias, libyas, Russia’s, etc.

  9. narrowminded commented on Lisa Benson 1 day ago

    No, he didn’t really. At least not to himself and the rest of the Chicago olinskyites. This is going along right as planned. The Govn. run universal healthcare train is full speed ahead! You see it’s not the Deploracrats fault, even though they made the rules, it’s the gops or the insurance companies, or space alums or the people’s cause we’re stupid. They know what’s best for us and by god they’re going to give it to us.

  10. narrowminded commented on Lisa Benson 1 day ago

    What do people expect? It’s a tax that can be raised at the whim of the taxers? But not to worry, our kids will pay for it.