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  1. RunninOnEmpty commented on Henry Payne about 5 years ago

    I’m paying attention to the fact that the ruling Big Money oligarchy is running away with all economic growth, and most of the rest are sinking, and the only debate involves how to speed up this process.

  2. RunninOnEmpty commented on Henry Payne about 5 years ago

    Remember when Americans could do hard things, and believed in a brighter future? Then end of the space-shuttle program with no replacement is symptomatic.

  3. RunninOnEmpty commented on Robert Ariail about 5 years ago

    Obama is a master compromiser. His method is to start by giving Republicans more than they ask for, then, when they refuse because they can’t go along with anything he agrees to, give them more and more. The current deal is a good example.

  4. RunninOnEmpty commented on Henry Payne about 5 years ago

    Look at the bottom line. The Big Money guys are getting richer by the minute, th rest are sinking, and the rich hate unions because they slow down their accumulation.

  5. RunninOnEmpty commented on Bob Gorrell about 5 years ago

    The Rich are multiplying their wealth at dramatic, historic rates, and the rest are sinking. Whenever you say “cut taxes”, I hear “don’t slow down the acceleration of this Great Confiscation”.

  6. RunninOnEmpty commented on Henry Payne about 5 years ago

    So what your saying is any group of the rich and powerful who take advantage of their privileged position to plunder and bully at the expense of the minority can justify it as fighting socialism. If a gang of thugs takes over a town and plunders most of the wealth for themselves, they can say they’re better than the population because they’re making the money. That’s the sign that they’re the productive ones. A few rich thugs have been driving down the general standard of living in America since Reagan, and no one would mind it being so evil if it weren’t so short-sighted. Another 1929 debacle is immanent.

  7. RunninOnEmpty commented on Drew Sheneman about 5 years ago

    If Obama was buying a house from a Republican, he’d start by offering about 20% more than the asking price, then asking for a counter-offer. And the Republican would refuse whatever he offered, because any offer from him is toxic to them.

  8. RunninOnEmpty commented on Tom Toles about 5 years ago

    Your observation shows that the problem with the New Deal is that it was too small. That’s why we seem to be doomed now – more & better jobs is the emergency need, as Toles illustrates, and our elected “leaders” are completely distracted, making things worse.

  9. RunninOnEmpty commented on Tony Auth about 5 years ago

    Yeah, it’s funny how the debt becomes the emergency when people need help – and jobs. When we’re accelerating the siphoning of $ to the top, it doesn’t come up.

  10. RunninOnEmpty commented on Tim Eagan about 5 years ago

    IF there were anything leftist in this fight, they’d be talking about how to stimulate good jobs, and why more $ for the rich isn’t doing it.