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  1. SaltWaterCroc commented on Stuart Carlson over 3 years ago

    Of course they’ll vote for this – over $7 million in farm subsidies has gone to members of Congress since 1995.

  2. SaltWaterCroc commented on Jeff Danziger over 3 years ago

    Those are “family values” Republicans. Keep ‘em dumb and they’ll vote for you every time. Works well here in Texas, too.We elected Ted Cruz.

  3. SaltWaterCroc commented on Nick Anderson over 3 years ago

    Texas – no income tax, only really high property taxes. Why? Because those are used for hospital districts to pay for patients that Perry won’t pay for. But as long as he refuses money from the federal government in public, while accepting 40% of our budget in private, the T*baggers love him.

  4. SaltWaterCroc commented on Jeff Danziger over 3 years ago

    If you really are professional about your work, you can work from anywhere. The time I’ve saved commuting I give to my employer. I give them at least 50 hours a week, and I’ve stayed with them a while simply because I can work at home.

  5. SaltWaterCroc commented on Mike Luckovich over 3 years ago

    Why the “Hook’em” sign? Is he making fun of the great University of Texas? Should be an Aggie after our great governor.

  6. SaltWaterCroc commented on Jeff Danziger over 3 years ago

    Picked up a “Periodic Table of Beer Styles” and my life is far better. There are just way too many good beers out there to drink Bud – from Polygamy Porter to Left Hand’s Milk Stout to Shiner’s Wild Hare and a good Lawnmower from St Arnold’s.

  7. SaltWaterCroc commented on Tom Toles over 3 years ago

    The purpose of the Second Amendment was to allow southern states to maintain militias to control slave revolts. That is all. It said absolutely nothing about untrained morons being handed assault rifles. Of course, people have “interpreted” the Bible to support all sorts of crazy ideas, so why not the Constitution?

  8. SaltWaterCroc commented on Jeff Danziger over 3 years ago

    Rand Paul – “IF I were President….” Like that will ever happen. Just showed the gap between those who think and those who think they think.

  9. SaltWaterCroc commented on Doonesbury almost 4 years ago

    The South Africans had a word for it – apartheid. Allowed the minority to rule the majority. Here it is known as the Hastert Rule – allows a minority of the majority to block anything remotely related to progress.

  10. SaltWaterCroc commented on Mike Luckovich almost 4 years ago

    We have the ATF. Of course Congressman Sensenbrenner inserted a requirement that the ATF director has to be confirmed by the Senate (into the Patriot Act, 2006), so there has not been an ATF Director in 6 years. Congressman Tiahrt, 10 years ago, inserted into a spending bill an amendment (sponsored by the NRA) restrictions on the ATF. This bill severely restricted the ATF’s ability to do what the NRA says they want them to do, which is enforce existing gun laws. It allowed dealers to ignore police requests for assistance. It denied Congress formerly public crime gun data. It ended the oversight of used firearm sales. It required the destruction of background check records within 24 hours. The ATF has the same number of agents now that it had 40 years ago. It’s time to take gun control away from the NRA (gun manufacturers) and move it back to the federal government, where it belongs. Self-regulation does not work.