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  1. dvnes commented on Glenn McCoy about 6 years ago

    What’s the difference between a moderate republican and a moderate democrat? Half empty, half full! Perspective is everything!

  2. dvnes commented on Jim Morin about 6 years ago

    Alteri, I did the math. It still doesn’t add up to to what Mr. O left us with. And he’s having such a great time with jetting his wife around and Pelosi spending $1M+/weekend to fly back to CA for weekends with family. The math sucks, Alteri. Did you choose to forget the $7T Mr. O borrowed from the Chinese?

  3. dvnes commented on Jack Ohman about 6 years ago

    Good thing it wasn’t Left-Wing, that would be disgusting!

  4. dvnes commented on Pat Oliphant about 6 years ago

    Liberals seem to think martyrs are found only in religion. But here’s a case where “The Tea Party” will become a flagstaff of conservative value, only because you rally against it.

  5. dvnes commented on Joel Pett about 6 years ago

    Sarcasm plays a strong part in humor. The only reason we were on top was because we did things a certain way. The only reason ‘others’ weren’t there was because THEY did thing a certain way. Which did you like better?

  6. dvnes commented on Ted Rall about 6 years ago

    That’s what happens when you “win” a Nobel Peace Prize - they put you on a pedestal!

  7. dvnes commented on Michael Ramirez about 6 years ago

    Rottenprat, the non-partisan was most noticeable when Pelosi commented on developing that type of relationship during her election. Since then, everyone wants to adopt that but no one will do it. To say your ‘partisan’ implies you are for the other side.

  8. dvnes commented on Marshall Ramsey about 6 years ago

    Marshall, until the Democrats are out of power, “The Establishment” is Democrat, not Republican.