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  1. John Beam commented on Clay Bennett 27 days ago

    You live in a fantasy borne of mind-abuse from poisonous indoctrination and willful ignorance.

  2. John Beam commented on Clay Bennett 27 days ago

    If the Democratic Party owned the vote, with no political opposition whatsoever, Black people would STILL be in chains. Collectivists (like yourself) see people like cattle, and you project your own disdain for the individual upon anyone who disagrees with your tyrannical, knee-jerk reactionary behavior.

  3. John Beam commented on Steve Benson 27 days ago

    Can’t you mindless partisans WAIT until he DOES do something wrong? Also, should he DO something wrong, I have no problem with impeaching him—if only to show you unprincipled goons that our ideology is about the rule of law, rather than mindless partisanship.

  4. John Beam commented on Steve Benson 27 days ago

    Projection…I’ll bet that you say that voter ID laws are “racist,” because Blacks are too poor and ignorant to be capable of owning a personal ID. Your point is that your rhetoric drips with mindless propaganda.

  5. John Beam commented on Rob Rogers 27 days ago

    Chucklehead—Oh…and kids in gradeschools weren’t singing the praises of Obama eight years ago…hypocrite!

  6. John Beam commented on Rob Rogers 27 days ago

    “Tolerance” only exists in the mindless rhetoric of the leftist. They can only “tolerate” those who agree with THEM 100%. Those who do not are “racists,” “xenophobes,” “bigots,” and all other ad hominems that they spew.

    There’s an interesting video on youtube which totally blows these notions out of the water, where mostly White Berkeley students are asked whether “voter ID laws” were “racist,” and why. Their answers essentially voiced their biases regarding how Blacks were too ignorant or incapable of getting the proper ID’s required to vote.

    NEXT, the video’s creator asked Black urban residents about whether they had ID’s, where they can get ID’s, and whether voter ID laws were okay with them or not. Their answers exposed the White RACIST Berkeley students’ ignorant notions about Black people. The lesson to be learned is that leftists project their OWN racism upon others.

  7. John Beam commented on Rob Rogers 5 months ago

    First of all, Muslims are anyone who is a follower of a specific ideology (Islam), so while they ARE “created equal,” their inability to coexist with other people of differing cultures causes them to be toxic to people who are NOT Muslim. As such, people who wish to be free from such an enslaving ideology as Islam SHOULD wish to be apart from them. That said, if so-called Muslims wish to live peaceably in our society, and are not engaged in sedition towards the downfall of it, then they ought to be allowed to come.

    Secondly, if a Mexican (i.e. a citizen of Mexico) wishes to come here LEGALLY, then that’s fine with me. They can come here and work and do what they will LEGALLY. If they are here ILLEGALLY, then they aren’t welcome, the same as if an American citizen enters Mexico ILLEGALLY (where they’d get the full weight of the Mexican legal system). And, if they wish to BECOME an American citizen, then they can do so as our laws prescribe. And, I do not believe that Mr. Trump would have any disagreement with any of this.

    Regarding women, that’s just a stupid add-on that has no baring into anything regarding Trump. It’s just there to trigger mindless emotions.

    Regarding “the media,” it’s about as toxic as anything that is ripping our country apart at the seams, and anyone who says what is true about anything ought to be able to say it, without fear of retaliation from violent political agitators and “the media.” The only end-game for the progressive agenda is a non-existent “United” States, and everything being controlled by an all-powerful statist oligarchy.

  8. John Beam commented on Steve Benson 5 months ago

    More ammo for “Black Lies Matter.” It’s amazing how Benson was forced to step back a bit after Dallas’s outcome. They’re STILL calling for more dead cops, though. They were even celebrating IN Dallas after the shooting. I cannot think of anything more toxic in America today than BLM, and its support from “our” president.

  9. John Beam commented on Steve Benson 5 months ago

    This cartoon is so far off course that it simply expresses Benson’s idol worship of the irresponsible contrarian who wishes to destroy every decent institution which holds a stable nation together. That we are coming apart from the seams is proof of this. His disdain for law and order, the nuclear family, and anything that has to do with our American heritage ought to paint him universally as the most Anti-American president imaginable. That so many people see him otherwise only presents their own mindless partisanship, and common disdain for outcomes that do not end with chaos and tyranny.

  10. John Beam commented on Steve Benson 5 months ago

    The first man pictured is an honorable man, who deserves respect. The second one has NO regard for the other, and in fact sides with the people who’d just as soon put a bullet in his head than to give him the time of day. The first one knows what honor is, and lives it. The second one is a political panderer, who doesn’t do ANYTHING unless he thinks it will further his collectivist agenda.