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  1. yohannbiimu commented on Robert Ariail 9 months ago

    Oh YAY!!! This idiot cartoonist is equating hornets (insects) with people, and otherwise free people who “offend” them as idiots. It’s good to see how some people “think.”

    If Christians decided that people who worked on Sundays should be beaten-up, and announced to the world their new edict, would you decry this fanaticism, or would you bow in acceptance to it?

    DOING that which a religion tells us not to do (or visa versa) is what this country is all about. South Park TRIED to do this once, and Comedy Central were cowed into submission, because “offending” Muslims is dangerous, but making fun of Christians is perfectly fine—because when was the last time a Christian beheaded or blew-up somebody?

    Obviously, being ruled by fanatical religious nuts isn’t so much of a problem to some folks—even though they’ll turn them into stinging insects in order to form analogies to support their idiotic opinions.

  2. yohannbiimu commented on Matt Davies 9 months ago

    I THINK that it’s supposed to be a tuft of a beard at the end of his “chin.”

  3. yohannbiimu commented on Matt Davies 9 months ago

    It’s ALL about freedom, and a religion’s edicts against it. Do we proclaim our individual rights to be free people, or do we allow ourselves to be cowed by imams and fanatical terrorists?

  4. yohannbiimu commented on Stuart Carlson 9 months ago

    How is it “hate” to do something that a religion tells you not to do?

  5. yohannbiimu commented on Stuart Carlson 9 months ago

    Is drawing a cartoon doing any of this? Is not being cowed by a “religious” edict fomenting hate and violence?

  6. yohannbiimu commented on Stuart Carlson 9 months ago

    This entire controversy is retarded. If Christians decided that it “offended” them when people worked on Sunday, and they should be beaten-up, would we blame the “offenders,” or would we blame the fanatical Christians?

    Pamela Geller’s “hate group” is offended that we can be cowed by these fanatical Muslims to not do things according to what THEY WILL DO TO US if we do. In effect, we are being RULED by a religious edict, when such “separation of church and state” things as nativity scenes in public would normally send leftists like Stewie Benson into a tizzy.

    This is TOTALLY about freedom, because Islam is against it, and you leftist loons just do not get it, simply because your knee-jerk reactionary “minds” won’t ever let you consider someone else’s point of view.

  7. yohannbiimu commented on Jerry Holbert 9 months ago

    Not brave enough, it seems…

  8. yohannbiimu commented on Steve Breen 11 months ago

    no more or less than Obama’s….

  9. yohannbiimu commented on Gary Varvel about 1 year ago

    says wmconelly, who has already been herded smack-dab in the middle of the paranoid collectivist left wing.

    Partisanship will be the death of us all.

  10. yohannbiimu commented on Mike Lester about 1 year ago

    @dtroutma —you said:

    “Also, many Muslims, clerics and adherants, have declared that those committing heinous acts DO slander the prophet when they harm the innocent, which is specifically prohibited, several times, in the Quran, thus Obama‚Äôs citation.”

    You leave out the inconvenient fact that “unbelievers” are NOT innocent according to the Quran and Islamic law. They may say decry these perpetual acts of murder and mayhem which are committed throughout the world, but when you boil everything down to its essence, these “terrorists” are simply living as their “prophet” did 1400 years ago. Yes, there are verses which ALSO preach tolerance, which only speaks to the utter contradiction and hypocrisy of the Islamic religion.