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  1. yohannbiimu commented on Stuart Carlson 9 months ago

    So, the EVIDENCE in the case was supposed to be ignored? The utter LACK of it for the prosecution for PROOF that Zimmmerman hunted down and murdered Martin wasn’t supposed to be considered by the jury.

    There isn’t any evidence of WHO was “the aggressor,” and this conclusion of YOURS comes by simple bias, not in accordance of what is KNOWN about this case. I don’t know who instigated the confrontation, and neither do you. The jury weren’t even asked to consider who “started it,” because no one on earth knows that. They were told to consider the EVIDENCE, and that the prosecution had to PROVE Zimmerman’s guilt of murdering Martin. Anything else only adds mindless politicizing to the narrative.

  2. yohannbiimu commented on Stuart Carlson 9 months ago

    He was not told to “back off” by anyone. He was told “you don’t have to do that” when Zimmerman told the dispatcher what he was doing. And, according to GZ, he then headed back to his vehicle, and that the confrontation occurred because Martin had circled-back, and initiated it. There was no proof that Zimmerman’s account wasn’t true, hence, reasonable doubt.

  3. yohannbiimu commented on Stuart Carlson 9 months ago

    Really? Were you there to witness these events? Since no witnesses came forward to testify that Zimmerman was “the aggressor,” then how do you conclude that was “clearly” the case? It seems to me that you are clearly presenting your own bias, rather than anything that has to do with facts as they were presented in this trial.

  4. yohannbiimu commented on Rob Rogers 9 months ago

    Oh, the IRONY! The trial was about EVIDENCE, FACTS, and the prosecution’s burden to PROVE Zimmerman’s guilt, NOT about anyone’s skin color or race. The jury were supposed to consider Zimmerman’s innocence, unless he was PROVEN guilty, and the prosecution did not have a case that could do that.

    Meanwhile, the “Justice for Trayvon” mobs are ALL ABOUT RACE and skin color. The collectivist leftists are the only ones making this a “White-on-Black” crime. If this had been a Black-on-Black case, it wouldn’t have gotten a yawn out of the “Black community.” They are murdering each other and people of other races constantly, to the point where we seem to accept this scourge as a normal, everyday occurrence.

    As Bobby is wont to do, he gets everything a$$-backwards.

  5. yohannbiimu commented on Mike Luckovich 9 months ago

    I sort of like the illustration of a mindless collective of Balkanized groups, who are united only by their desires that the government give them something, at the expense of others. Yes, tyranny will swallow everyone, not just the GOP. The mindless Balkanization of America will envelop us all.

  6. yohannbiimu commented on Stuart Carlson 9 months ago

    Wow! So, let me get this straight. George Zimmerman held up the whole court in session, and at gun-point, demanded that he be proclaimed “innocent.” There WAS NO JURY. There WERE NO prosecution or defense attorneys presenting EVIDENCE in order to prove his guilt or innocence.

    I thought that Steve Benson’s toon was idiotic, but this one totally eclipses that one in propagandist incitement. Facts and truth do not matter when the mob must be kept enraged and screaming for blood.

  7. yohannbiimu commented on Steve Benson 9 months ago

    They could have had the greatest attorneys in the universe to handle this “case,” and they still wouldn’t have been able to prove Zimmerman’s guilt—since there WAS NO PROOF. Benson is a mindless drone with an easel.

  8. yohannbiimu commented on Steve Benson 9 months ago

    It’s interesting that Benson illustrates “lady justice” WITHOUT the blindfold, since I suppose she’s supposed to be prejudicial about justice, just as all of the “Justice for Trayvon” mobs are. I guess the jury was supposed to NOT consider ZImmerman innocent, unless PROVEN guilty, and that burden of proof rested SOLELY upon the prosecution. I guess that they ALSO had to ignore the mountainous evidence that showed the contrary to the prosecution’s “case.” As usual Benson displays either his utter stupidity, or his propagandist intent to keep the mobs enraged and screaming for blood.

  9. yohannbiimu commented on Michael Ramirez over 1 year ago

    Hurricane Sandy is a happy respite for Obama, since his criminally irresponsible behavior with regard to the Benghazi fiasco was starting to burn him. I think it is rather ironic how Obama now says that “we must cut through the red tape” to get help to people, when it is HIS SYSTEM of running things that is keeping help from getting to desperate people. The tragedy in the wake of Sandy is being exacerbated by the Progressive/collectivist squirrel-operated government machine.

  10. yohannbiimu commented on Steve Benson over 1 year ago

    Obama called the SEALS to get bin Ladin, and they got him. When the SEALS called Obama, he was too sleepy from campaigning, and went to bed. Four more years of this clown will be the end of us.