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  1. sbwertz commented on For Better or For Worse 3 days ago

    Michael suddenly became a blonde!

  2. sbwertz commented on Drabble 6 days ago

    I do.

  3. sbwertz commented on Adam@Home 8 days ago

    These were my kids favorite ice cream sandwiches

    Take one chocolate cake mix and mix according to directions. Spoon into a waffle iron, and cook until crisp. Fill with mint chocolate chip ice cream. 2 waffles makes 4 ice cream sandwiches.

  4. sbwertz commented on Zack Hill 13 days ago

    They can bite, and are mildly venomous…about like a bee sting. However they are not aggressive, and seldom bite if not provoked….like stepping or sitting on one.

  5. sbwertz commented on Rose is Rose 13 days ago

    My cat USED to like bags, until she got into one of those Trader Joe’s bags with the handle. She was lurking in the bag until the other cat went by, then ATTACK! Except that her head went through the handle. The second lap around the room with the bag chasing her, I managed to step on the bag and it tore. She disappeared under the bed, still wearing the handle around her neck. When she reappeared, the handle was gone, but she gives bags a WIDE berth now.

  6. sbwertz commented on For Better or For Worse 15 days ago

    “You have to be taught, before it’s too late,
    Before you are 6 or 7 or 8
    To hate all the people your relatives hate.
    You have to be carefully taught.”

    South Pacific, Rogers and Hammerstein.

  7. sbwertz commented on Adam@Home 16 days ago

    The first thing you see when you walk into any room in my house are the bookshelves. That’s what happens when you marry a librarian LOL.

  8. sbwertz commented on Adam@Home 17 days ago

    Not to mention there, their, and they’re

  9. sbwertz commented on Big Nate 28 days ago

    Post when you have something worthwhile to say

  10. sbwertz commented on Stone Soup 29 days ago

    She’s obviously not from Phoenix if she loves August!