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  1. sbwertz commented on Ben about 6 hours ago

    It’s supposed to be 96 in Phoenix today.

  2. sbwertz commented on B.C. 1 day ago


  3. sbwertz commented on Betty 3 days ago

    Our local Indian restaurant has good goat.

  4. sbwertz commented on FoxTrot Classics 3 days ago

    I remember when a bottle of soda pop was 5 cents.

  5. sbwertz commented on Ben 5 days ago

    Never could break my doberman of killing skunks. She would proudly bring me the carcass and dump it on the front porch.

  6. sbwertz commented on FoxTrot Classics 5 days ago

    I’m a cable cutter. If it isn’t on my antenna, I don’t watch it. Don’t miss the cable a bit. We have a Fire TV for Hulu and music. Saved us more than a hundred dollars a month. (Still use the cable for high speed internet, though.)

  7. sbwertz commented on Luann 5 days ago

    download UBlock Origin

  8. sbwertz commented on Working Daze 6 days ago

    I finally traded my lg flip phone in on a smart phone when I had to drive across tornado alley in tornado season. I REALLY wanted access to accurate, up to date weather reports.

  9. sbwertz commented on Zack Hill 6 days ago

    Just remember…in this election the candidate who wins may only be there for 4 years…changes to the supreme court could last a generation!

  10. sbwertz commented on Stone Soup Classics 6 days ago

    She needs Flylady…you can do ANYTHING for 15 minutes!