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  1. sbwertz commented on Betty about 8 hours ago

    And you pay online before the ride.

  2. sbwertz commented on One Big Happy about 8 hours ago

    I have the same reaction to those long fold up ladders. I’m always afraid I will wind up like Ruthie, folded up inside it one of these days.

  3. sbwertz commented on For Better or For Worse about 9 hours ago

    Heinlein wrote a story about a cat like that. It’s called “Door into Summer” named after the cat who went to all seven doors in the house if it was raining, and made him open all of them to prove it was raining outside them all.

  4. sbwertz commented on Stone Soup Classics about 9 hours ago

    Nope, no Biscuit yet.

  5. sbwertz commented on The Buckets 1 day ago

    Mine nearly wrecked the house when a cicada got inside. She eventually caught it, but the furnishings suffered in the process.

  6. sbwertz commented on Big Nate 1 day ago

    She was probably the goalie on the US team or something back in her heyday.

  7. sbwertz commented on Stone Soup Classics 1 day ago

    When I was a Freshman in High School (back in the dark ages) we got into serious trouble for a Halloween prank. We took the “We give S&H Green Stamps” sign from in front of the gas station and put it in front of the local Mortuary down the street. The funeral director was livid and called the school. We had been bragging about it, and wound up in the principle’s office.

  8. sbwertz commented on Betty 2 days ago

    My smartphone lets me answer texts with voice. I use it as a gps, and if I get a text, I can just say I’m driving and will answer later and it sends the text.

  9. sbwertz commented on For Better or For Worse 2 days ago

    At his age, he probably doesn’t have a good mastery of the subjunctive.

  10. sbwertz commented on For Better or For Worse 3 days ago

    Once when I was about 8 and my brother was 2 I took him down to the river to play. We were forbidden to go there because there was quicksand. My mom caught us and picked a willow switch and switched the back of my bare legs all the way back to the house. Believe me, I NEVER went down to that river again, but other than stinging legs I was certainly not harmed by the procedure. I certainly don’t consider that I was abused.