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  1. Cuddleman commented on Badlands 4 days ago

    The bird needs someone with half intelligence to talk to. Wont find any there.

  2. Cuddleman commented on Big Nate 5 days ago

    Shouldn’t matter. Ages are close. If they care about each other it doesn’t have to make a difference.

  3. Cuddleman commented on Badlands 6 days ago

    Shame to ruin the bird with those two.

  4. Cuddleman commented on Badlands 10 days ago

    Yes, that’s real mature.

  5. Cuddleman commented on HUBRIS! 12 days ago

    I remember our party line when I was a kid. Used to bark like a dog on it and later get a call from the phone co. looking for someone with a dog. We had over a dozen people on our line so could get away with murder. Ah the good old days.

  6. Cuddleman commented on Baldo 13 days ago

    I had a 63 Chevy Impala rag top. I loved that car especially after swapping the tranny to a stick shift and the 327, 310 hp corvette engine. It wasn’t bad on gas if I drove properly. Shame it got rolled in an accident (not my fault) or I would still have it.

  7. Cuddleman commented on Farcus 17 days ago

    Must have been a door somewhere into her office he could have used.

  8. Cuddleman commented on Badlands 27 days ago

    It couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.

  9. Cuddleman commented on Speechless about 1 month ago

    Besides, Bunnies and bugs can’t read………………..

  10. Cuddleman commented on Herman about 1 month ago

    It is what they leave behind you may not like.