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9 Chickweed Lane by Brooke McEldowney

9 Chickweed Lane

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  1. Cb-Bob commented on That New Carl Smell about 1 month ago

    Still rather have his f bombs than killarys lies

  2. Cb-Bob commented on Sarah's Scribbles 4 months ago

    Phd in liberal arts likely not such a great investment with job rewards… But hey buy into it anyway. Maybe Bernie will get in and you can get it on the long term tax payment and get those pesky genx’s and your kids to pay for it.

  3. Cb-Bob commented on Beardo about 3 years ago

    Good one….

  4. Cb-Bob commented on The Meaning of Lila about 3 years ago

    Beyonce is a satanist and so is her husband. Poor role model to look up to. But then I never did like Boyd.

  5. Cb-Bob commented on Beardo over 3 years ago

    At about 8 years old I was trying to figure out why the generator on my bicycle wasn’t working, and thought if I flip the bike over and spin the tire really, really fast, I could flip the generator on and put my dads multimeter on it. And see if it was getting current output.. So I spun and spun that big 26’ in tire as fast as I could and then my pinky got caught in a spoke and slammed my hand pinky first into my metal fender, my finger was cut almost all the way through the bone… I learned I was stupid after all.. Don’t do that!

  6. Cb-Bob commented on Pearls Before Swine over 3 years ago

    I’m done with this stupid panel.. Is getting too retarded

  7. Cb-Bob commented on The Meaning of Lila over 3 years ago

    Is it me or did Lila get implants?

  8. Cb-Bob commented on Overboard over 3 years ago

    I believe Louie was actually found tied up somewhere by Raymond.. If you want history..

  9. Cb-Bob commented on Luann almost 4 years ago

    Plus don’t forget the till camera!

  10. Cb-Bob commented on Luann almost 4 years ago

    Two words.. Surveillance camera… Tis got her now.