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One Big Happy by Rick Detorie

One Big Happy

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  1. maestrabella67 commented on Luann about 18 hours ago

    She’s pulling her dress up! I used to organize the
    Prom at the high school where I teach, so I have seen that particular gesture many a time. She should have gotten some Frost King double sided tape, the kind used for insulating outside windows, to hold her dress up!

  2. maestrabella67 commented on The Barn about 18 hours ago

    I know how you feel, Rory. I always feel the same way when I go get my hair cut. That explains why I only get it cut once or twice a year! ;)

  3. maestrabella67 commented on The Barn 2 days ago

    Good luck, Rory! I know how you feel. I hate getting my hair cut, too!

  4. maestrabella67 commented on One Big Happy 7 days ago

    About #5… unfortunately nowadays parents tend to think of their children as perfect little angels and blame the teacher for the children’s shortcomings.. I know of what I speak, because I am teacher.

  5. maestrabella67 commented on WuMo 2 months ago

    Wow, Wumo has really cleaned up its act! I’m glad, because it’s much funnier than it used to be!

  6. maestrabella67 commented on Fred Basset 3 months ago

    Aw, Fred, you look cozy and adorable!

  7. maestrabella67 commented on The Barn about 1 year ago

    I like The Barn, but lately it’s been getting kinda boring.

  8. maestrabella67 commented on Gaturro over 1 year ago

    Definitivamente necesita engordar. This strip really made me laugh, Gaturro is such a mercenary!

  9. maestrabella67 commented on Fred Basset over 1 year ago

    Don’t be jealous, Fred, we still love you best!

  10. maestrabella67 commented on Rubes over 1 year ago

    Hey! It’s the program “Whose Line Is It Anyway” and they’re playing “props”!