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  1. phdtogo commented on Michael Ramirez 5 days ago

    Wrong cupcake… your guy ran up $10 Trillion on his watch

  2. phdtogo commented on Mike Lester 5 days ago

    Accurate as the Clinton News Network (CNN) and the NY Times – who admitted their leftist bias?

  3. phdtogo commented on Bob Gorrell 5 days ago

    In 2008 and 2012, we were by many on this sight told to,“Sit down and shut up, you lost”. Now that the tables are turned…

  4. phdtogo commented on Bob Gorrell 5 days ago

    Suggestion, apply for Cuban citizenship and try out his brother Raul.

  5. phdtogo commented on Chip Bok 5 days ago

    How many are dead or illegal? My father passed away in October, but we didn’t send in his Colorado mail-in ballot, because we are not Democrats.

  6. phdtogo commented on Scott Stantis 11 days ago

    Ha, the Alabama Crimson Tide sure cleaned your clock in the National Championship.

  7. phdtogo commented on Steve Kelley 11 days ago

    Comrade Wolf: Anthem of the Soviet Union. Please rise


  8. phdtogo commented on Michael Ramirez 13 days ago

    Illegal aliens have more rights than any of us

  9. phdtogo commented on Mike Lester 13 days ago

    I’m glad you live in an alternate world. Meanwhile here on planet earth, digest this fact. The Toyota Camry, built by Toyota Motor Manufacturing Kentucky (Georgetown) has MORE domestic content than the “All-American” Ford F150 pickup truck. Ford has moved plants and thousands of jobs to Mexico.

  10. phdtogo commented on Henry Payne 18 days ago

    Wind and solar cannot generate enough electricity. I would take a wind farm the size of Kansas to generate the same amount of power as a coal or natural gas fired plant. And if you care about the environment, windmills are an eyesore.