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  1. Bennn commented on The Flying McCoys 11 months ago

    Talk about your Little Known Facts: And just who is directing the production line of elves making all those toys for good little boys & girls, if not Santa? Isn’t he in charge of making a list & checking it twice? He also has to provide room & board for all the elves, not to mention supervising or actually dealing with the livestock & sleigh rigging. He’s been around for centuries, and if you don’t pay unemployment insurances, you don’t get to collect.
    Glenn & Gary, demonstrate their lack of understanding or disregard for the way things work, and need to do some fact checking, as do many Republican whiners.

  2. Bennn commented on Arlo and Janis about 1 year ago

    I wonder if he knows the veterinarian Dr.Fleurrie Spocket working the Chickweed Lane area? Oh yeah, and thermometers don’t have to go where they once did. New technology.

  3. Bennn commented on Domestic Abuse over 1 year ago

    Oh, come on Katina, you’ve got to think outside the box.

  4. Bennn commented on Arlo and Janis over 1 year ago

    Or is this the April Fool’s joke Jimmy Johnson is pulling on us?

  5. Bennn commented on Birdbrains over 1 year ago

    Thom – Only in movies & sci-fi did dinosaurs and hominoids exist simultaneously. Please don’t perpetuate this ignorance.

  6. Bennn commented on That's Life over 2 years ago

    Mike Twohy, Check it out, it’s usually the women who are the more liberal, and would therefore be watching the liberal media while the men are watching the conservative stations.

  7. Bennn commented on Boomerangs almost 3 years ago

    I’m with JDono, why would she want to know his Gross income? That’s income before all the deductions, or the actual amount he gets to put in the bank.

  8. Bennn commented on Sunny Street about 3 years ago

    Periodically, I get the point of these jokes.

  9. Bennn commented on Moderately Confused over 3 years ago

    This is a diversion. Like J Short says, the mundane can be boring or overwhelming clutter. The Republicans don’t want you to think about why they’re not voting for jobs. Or what they are doing to women’s rights. Focus on the need for jobs, highway repairs, and the really important danger of Citizens United (corporations are individuals, really?!!)

  10. Bennn commented on Diamond Lil over 3 years ago

    Lil, probably remembers when a real live person (“Operator”) would ask, “Number, please.” and would plug in the connection to the number you requested, which was only 3 digits. Unless you wanted a long distance operator, then more people got involved.