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  1. motivemagus commented on Jeff Danziger 6 days ago

    The businesses declare bankruptcy, not Trump. This point gets conflated. A corporation is a tool to separate personal income from a business. Trump can form a company, pay himself ludicrous amounts out of it, bankrupt the company, and walk away scot free.

  2. motivemagus commented on Steve Benson 6 days ago

    HAR!! Good one.

  3. motivemagus commented on Steve Benson 6 days ago


  4. motivemagus commented on Nick Anderson 6 days ago

    There is a fundamental issue here, which is there is no legally defined “right to vote.” It is absolutely the right of a citizen to do so, and there have been many related issues, but stating it formally, as something that must not be infringed, would be an important step forward.
    And a number of Democrats have proposed such a law, or even a Constitutional Amendment.

  5. motivemagus commented on Rob Rogers 6 days ago

    For too long, the GOP has been claiming the moral high ground while in fact voting selfishly over and over again — dismissing the needs of many of their voters to favor their corporate masters and personal gain; denying the morality of loving couples marrying while indulging in the same sexual practices on the side; proclaiming their defense of marriage and family while sleeping around and making it harder to raise children safely.
    It’s time for the Democrats to stand up and speak for a moral principle. And they did. And the Republicans’ unwillingness to even LET IT BE SEEN says plenty about their commitment to democracy and the democratic process — which is to say, they have none.
    No, it wasn’t a waste.

  6. motivemagus commented on Jim Morin 7 days ago

    What amazes me is the utter contempt these people have for the American voter. Rubio is reported to hate being in the Senate, never showed up, pretended that that made him more “presidential” — imagine telling your boss that you wanted his job, so you weren’t going to do your own so you’d be more ready — and after swearing he was “done” with the Senate, decides to hop that gravy train again since no one wanted him for President and evidently Trump doesn’t want him as VP.

  7. motivemagus commented on Jeff Danziger 8 days ago

    The last time someone managed to get hold of Trump’s tax return, which I believe was in the late 1990s, his wealth was estimated at $150-$250 million. Not chicken feed, but nowhere near the “billions” he claims. Indeed, he’s essentially admitted as much recently when he said he adjusted the estimate according to his “feelings” on a given day.
    It’s BS.

  8. motivemagus commented on Tom Toles 13 days ago

    “Violence is not a Christian tenet. A Christian committing acts of violence violates his religion.”
    The Crusades
    St. Olaf of Norway
    The various people you can spot on the internet today, including so-called Christian ministers, who called for war or a “Crusade.”
    The people who thought killing an abortion doctor was justified.
    Defining all Christian killers as non-Christian is a logical failure. One can equally define all Islamic killers as non-Muslim.
    The KKK’s roots in the Confederacy, which would cheerfully cite the Bible to support their use of slavery, renders your argument invalid.

  9. motivemagus commented on Matt Wuerker 13 days ago

    I think Uncle Willy is a sly reference to, um, phallic symbols, if you get my drift.

  10. motivemagus commented on Matt Davies 15 days ago

    These numbers are not only fictional, they’re low, at least in terms of number of people killed in mass murders.
    VICE magazine counts 178 dead, 556 injured so far in 2016. I’m not finding a lot that read “Muslim.”
    Mother Jones magazine has not only started counting, but also notes how many were acquired legally AND would have been prevented by the Assault Weapons Ban of 2013 – a reasonable (and minimal) gun control initiative.