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  1. motivemagus commented on Jeff Stahler about 1 hour ago

    Not if the GOP has anything to say about it! Since they’ve thrown themselves behind an autocrat who wants to sue anyone who says anything bad about him…

  2. motivemagus commented on Ted Rall about 1 hour ago

    She’s a Rockefeller Republican, a designation that is obsolete within the GOP itself, because they forced out everyone who wasn’t a fanatic right-winger, Bircher, or religious maniac.

  3. motivemagus commented on Tom Toles about 1 hour ago

    Bribery laws? What fantasy land are you residing in? Republicans in Congress retroactively made emails classified and then pretended that Hillary had violated a law? Do you realize that Condi Rice and Colin Powell are just as liable as Hillary by these standards? And Colin supports Hillary in this?

  4. motivemagus commented on Brian McFadden about 17 hours ago


  5. motivemagus commented on Nick Anderson about 17 hours ago

    I’m sure Dora would never want to be associated with the Trumpster!

  6. motivemagus commented on Clay Jones about 19 hours ago

    Never. The so-called “Constitution Party” is an insult to the Constitution, the Founders, and all Americans. It is a religious party, no more.

  7. motivemagus commented on Brian McFadden about 19 hours ago

    By the way, there is no “ideal climate.” We fact-based people would just like to stop the runaway warming of all climates.

  8. motivemagus commented on Brian McFadden about 19 hours ago

    Reducing CO2 emissions is not an easy task; but the real objective is to enable CO2 levels presently in the atmosphere to decline, and this is really difficult. Reducing emissions is only the first step. Once we reduce the amount we add, normal CO2 migration and plant use could begin reducing total levels.
    Reduction of CO2 in the atmosphere would have several significant effects, however:
    1. It would permit the trapped heat to begin radiating into space at a higher rate. Right now, the heat is steadily increasing.
    2. It would reduce the acidification of the oceans. Right now a lot of CO2 is being absorbed by the oceans, and acidifying it beyond the ocean ecosystem’s ability to manage it.
    And that’s just for starters. Secondary effects would include reducing the energy in the atmosphere that leads to more volatile weather.
    Over the long term, as temperatures decrease to what they should be, we would indeed increase glacial ice mass, but slowly, barring a major volcano or the like.

  9. motivemagus commented on Brian McFadden about 19 hours ago

    You mean, “my plan to stall important work that needs to be done until it is far too late to do anything about global warming.”
    Some of us face reality.

  10. motivemagus commented on Rob Rogers about 20 hours ago

    Apparently you didn’t provide “the slightest bit of scrutiny.” Look up “Southern Strategy.”