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  1. motivemagus commented on Tom Toles 2 days ago

    Excuse me? Impeachment is a statement of charges. Clinton WON the trial. Impeachment is not guilt. The reason Nixon left office is that he knew he would be found guilty. Clinton’s impeachment was merely politics. The criteria for impeaching national officials are" treason, bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors." Clinton did none of those things, nor did he set a legal precedent, because there was no legal conclusion drawn.

  2. motivemagus commented on Jeff Danziger 5 days ago

    Nope, they give in to his bullying and abuse.

  3. motivemagus commented on Jen Sorensen 6 days ago

    Actually, Metacritic (my go-to source to capture collective reviews) gives it a solid overall – three out of five stars, roughly – but the interesting thing is that Metacritic captures professional critics separately from fans, which is to say anyone who signs up to give reviews on Metacritic.
    30 “green” reviews (positive)
    19 “yellow” reviews (mixed)
    3 “red” reviews (negative).
    Now, that’s obvious a solid-to-very-good movie. It’s not one for the ages, but who thought it would be?
    The interesting thing: User Reviews.
    94 positive
    23 mixed
    …and 200 negative.
    This cartoon is dead on: the issue here is misogyny more than the quality of the film.
    IT IS A MOVIE. Get over it!

  4. motivemagus commented on Jim Morin 10 days ago

    A Supreme Court Justice is entitled to her First Amendment Rights, too.
    And as for Mr. Trump: the truth isn’t in him.

  5. motivemagus commented on Jim Morin 10 days ago

    Implicitly. He retweeted a post implying that Hillary was a greedy Jew that originated on a neo-Nazi site.

  6. motivemagus commented on Clay Jones 11 days ago

    Hillary and Bernie voted identically 96% of the time. I am concerned about Hillary’s close ties to Wall Street, but she’s changed the platform to incorporate many of Bernie’s key points. At the very worst, she is a competent person who is on the side of the angels on most issues.
    As contrasted with her opponent, who is an idiot on most issues, as well as being racist, sexist, classist, and a bully.

  7. motivemagus commented on Tom Toles 11 days ago

    jack, you said: “ever notice how the claim “that if more people carry guns and someone tries to stop some one, everyone will start shooting at each other”, never happens”
    Exactly wrong. The Dallas Chief of Police says that they could not tell the difference between a “Good guy with a gun” and a “bad guy with a gun.”

  8. motivemagus commented on Joel Pett 18 days ago

    And, seriously, an “impeachment” ginned up to obstruct Clinton based on no legitimate basis, being treated as a serious issue? Bottom line: the Republicans did this for the same reason they scream “Benghazi” today – for political reasons having nothing to do with justice or law.

  9. motivemagus commented on Joel Pett 18 days ago

    Correct. Merely every major presidential candidate since 1976.

  10. motivemagus commented on Jack Ohman 18 days ago

    Better take a look at Trump again. He’s wholly indictable for stiffing employees and contractors, possibly indictable for rape and abuse of a minor, and it seems very clear that he is violating campaign finance laws in a monumental — perhaps even YUUUUGE — way.
    Meanwhile, Hillary has been cleared by bipartisan committees and the FBI. I’d like to see Trump pass that test. Heck, I’d like to see Cheney pass that test!