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  1. CUNTHFUNYPAGS commented on Gary Varvel about 3 years ago

    Me thinks, Elmer needs to deliver a “PERIOD”, instead of a “punch line” with that there shotgun….

  2. CUNTHFUNYPAGS commented on Glenn McCoy about 3 years ago

    I beg to differ with “O” still being on board – cause he’s already jumped ship with the women and children – leaving his dummies behind on board to face the music…

  3. CUNTHFUNYPAGS commented on Dana Summers about 3 years ago

    Sounds just like a “community organizer” who just voted “present” and probably by proxy most of the time. Of course he’s not responsible he was out of the office that day…and that day…and that day…so how can ANYBODY expect him to know anything?

  4. CUNTHFUNYPAGS commented on Gary Varvel about 3 years ago

    You forgot the earplugs and to add to the caption: “… and I DIDN’T DO” (cause it’s always someone else’s fault.)
    You must remember “He’s just a community organizer” and all his life he has just voted “PRESENT

    Q: You know how you can tell when Obama is lying?
    A: Every time he opens his mouth.
    Could it be the reason he uses a teleprompter – so he can “lie straight face while we cry…”

  5. CUNTHFUNYPAGS commented on Scott Stantis about 3 years ago

    I dare say – "O’ is not in a panic – instead he’s laughing like crazy all the way to the bank!

    Don’t forget he’s suppose to be the smartest man in the room. He deems everybody else as dummies…including all those who voted for him not once,but twice!

    Fooled me once shame on you…
    Fooled me twice shame on me!

    His definition for compassion is "What’s mine is mine and what’s yours is mine too!

    “All the world IS his stage” – and he’s the worst actor

  6. CUNTHFUNYPAGS commented on Jerry Holbert about 3 years ago

    The only thing scarier would be them making the goal of 7 million by enrolling dead people in it…cause they already get to vote

  7. CUNTHFUNYPAGS commented on Ziggy about 3 years ago

    AARP is in “O’s” pocket . Don’t & won’t subscribe

  8. CUNTHFUNYPAGS commented on Gary Varvel about 3 years ago

    Universal Healthcare…and we hate having to wait in line for gas or in the grocery store. I’m betting Hillary is seething…just think this plan could have been her “baby” with her name on it. We didn’t like it then and we sure don’t need it now. All of it needs to be thrown out with dirty bath water

  9. CUNTHFUNYPAGS commented on Ripley's Believe It or Not about 3 years ago

    I wonder just how much money was wasted on finding out that all important fact about the blue whale…maybe it just going deaf from old age…poor thing. Another soap box for tree huggers and pointless studies.

  10. CUNTHFUNYPAGS commented on Gary Varvel about 3 years ago

    “republic” – maybe in name only

    If we were really “republic” we would still have all our

    FREEDOMS in tact – which we don’t.

    It’s democracy all the way – with socialism stirred in