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  1. O-Kay commented on Cathy 6 days ago

    There’s always a essential Truth to Cathy comics that I just love. Yes, women DO tend to obsess over their dreams, and men just don’t get it.

  2. O-Kay commented on Cathy 11 days ago

    Just smarter than the average female, probably.

  3. O-Kay commented on Cathy 13 days ago

    I find that both Cathy and Irving’s thought process does not tend to be that sophisticated…

  4. O-Kay commented on Cathy 18 days ago

    This family is waaaaaay too codependent.

  5. O-Kay commented on Cathy 19 days ago

    I buy my sunglasses at the dollar store. They work fine, and I don’t mind having to replace them every couple of years.

  6. O-Kay commented on Cathy 25 days ago

    Oh please. Cathy and Irving have been together for DECADES at this point. There’s no mystery here anymore.

  7. O-Kay commented on Cathy about 1 month ago

    Oh, there will always be lots for them to talk about. Cathy’s insanity knows no bounds…

  8. O-Kay commented on Cathy about 1 month ago

    And an office, and a workout room, and a project room…

  9. O-Kay commented on Cathy about 1 month ago

    You aren’t legally obligated to accept ANY offer. Wherever did you get an idea like that? (I’m in Alberta too BTW!)

  10. O-Kay commented on Cathy about 1 month ago

    People in the U.S. are out of school by Memorial Day? I’m starting to see why there are so many complaints about the educational system there. Here in Canada we go from just after (or before) Labour Day until the last week in June. Two months off is plenty – three is just ridiculous!