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  1. bdaverin commented on Bad Reporter about 3 years ago

    Wu is clearly not a furry. No self-respecting fursuiter would dress like THAT.

  2. bdaverin commented on Tom Toles about 3 years ago

    If only people like you could recognize the difference between Fox News and reality.

  3. bdaverin commented on Pat Oliphant about 3 years ago

    The pushmi-pullyu’s cousin, ladies and gentlemen explorers. I give you the payme-screwyou.

  4. bdaverin commented on Pat Oliphant about 3 years ago

    You really oughtn’t to look in the mirror when you’re typing.

  5. bdaverin commented on Unstrange Phenomena about 3 years ago

    And thus was heard for the first time, “Aw, Mom, leftovers again?”

  6. bdaverin commented on Rudy Park about 3 years ago

    Ah, Tragedy of the Common Dumbarse, AKA Tea Party Economic Theory!

  7. bdaverin commented on Reynolds Unwrapped about 3 years ago

    So, that’s one of those straight-line Scottish Fold cats? Or long-tailed Manx?

  8. bdaverin commented on Non Sequitur about 3 years ago

    And if they have a really healthy marriage, dinner will be even later.

  9. bdaverin commented on The Meaning of Lila about 3 years ago

    His were consecutive.

  10. bdaverin commented on Lio about 3 years ago

    You betcha!