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  1. bdaverin commented on Dinosaur Comics 4 months ago

    Chat chameleon? I have that problem! laughs

  2. bdaverin commented on Watch Your Head over 1 year ago

    They play what the studio execs think the people want. Not the same thing.

  3. bdaverin commented on Tank McNamara over 1 year ago

    Transphobic. Not just rude. This is the sort of thing the strip is hinting it. Nice example.

  4. bdaverin commented on Big Top over 1 year ago

    Why do so many straight men think other people’s sexual orientation is about them? That never made sense to me.

  5. bdaverin commented on Basic Instructions over 1 year ago

    I know what the cartoonist means. I can’t watch Pepe Le Pew cartoons anymore. That skunk is a would-be rapist.

  6. bdaverin commented on The Barn over 1 year ago

    Eh, the BMI is nonsense anyway. When fit adults count as obese using that standard, it’s useless.

  7. bdaverin commented on Watch Your Head over 1 year ago

    Ooh, respectability politics played out intra-family.

  8. bdaverin commented on Betty over 1 year ago

    Now, now, when we were teenagers, we had our own vernacular that bothered the adults. It’s part of the process of growing up and proof the English language is still vital and changing.

  9. bdaverin commented on Rabbits Against Magic over 1 year ago

    He’s on his final (he says) concert tour ever and will be doing the Independence Day celebration on PBS tomorrow.

  10. bdaverin commented on Candorville over 1 year ago

    The “nice guy” usually thinks he deserves the relationship, which means he’s actually a jerk.