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  1. misterdantes commented on Signe Wilkinson about 21 hours ago

    Yes, and it is unfortunate. More countries should join, before the islamofascist force their values on the world.

  2. misterdantes commented on Signe Wilkinson 2 days ago

    I am afraid you are also guilty of a form of polarization. In Europe, it is mostly 2nd and 3rd generation muslims living in European country who go to join Isis in Syria. It is them also who become terrorists in our countries. Check the terrorists attacks in Belgium, in France. Committed mostly by these 2nd or 3rd generation Muslims who never even lived in Syria or Iraq and never knew war when growing up, never had their houses bombed.
    So yes, the Muslim diaspora has to do something. They actually are the key in solving this horror, this islamofascism that wants to spread over the world, enslave it and bring terror. Because this horror is done in the name of islam. Therefore, even though this situation, the chaos in Iraq, the strength of isis is mostly a consequence of western countries actions and, most of all, USA’s catastrophic foreign policies, it cannot be a war or westerners and non muslim against muslim fanatics, because otherwise it will end up between a war against all muslims. Moderate muslims must take side and do their part, so as to reestablish trust, and show that indeed, these fanatics are not related to them.

  3. misterdantes commented on Luann 2 days ago

    Weddings often are like funerals, organised mostly for the guests, the family, the social process. If it’s yours, you’re not supposed to be having fun. (But if you manage to do, especially on the later, it can become something special and memorable)

  4. misterdantes commented on Robert Ariail 5 days ago

    It would seem that Norway, and other countries who withdrew their candidacy for the Olympics learnt that lesson, so there is hope. Which goes to show that only countries who need to show off or prove something to the rest of the world keep applying, for these reasons only and knowing that it won’t bring any economic benefit. It’s just a very expensive PR party.

  5. misterdantes commented on Views of the World 5 days ago

    No no, they are right. Same values.

  6. misterdantes commented on Michael Ramirez 6 days ago

    If he did, just like in the latest batman v superman movie (a terrible film by the way) he would be criticized for having too much superpower and how he chose to use them to save democratic california and not some other republican place. Then he would be suspected and feared for what he might do next with these super powers, and it would be decided that better empeach him and not let him use his powers at all than take a chance he might use them in a “wrong” way (as seen by some corrupt congressmen and ill informed people manipulated by partisan media). Such is a the american way nowadays. (And I don’t even like Obama).

  7. misterdantes commented on John Deering 9 days ago

    It might actually work better than trying to depose Assad by arming and financing so called rebel groups that end up either supporting isis or giving them their weapons and equipment, and creating situations of chaos and conflict like in Iraq or Lybia that allow isis to grow stronger. If the USA had succeeded in doing the same thing in Syria they did in Iraq and Lybia, isis would already be 10 times stronger. Not doing anything would be a great improvement, after messing up the whole world.

  8. misterdantes commented on Betty 10 days ago

    not very logical. Seeing work done by dead guys should make him feel that these guys, although dead, are being remembered. Whereas he is still alive, but may fade into oblivion if he doesn’t work on some kind of legacy. Or at least make him feel that these guys did something with their life. So he should do something grand and great with his. Like having a barbecue, drinking and watching a hockey game. He’ll depart happy. Who cares what others think.

  9. misterdantes commented on Steve Benson 11 days ago

    Talk about entirely missing the point! If there is one place where there shouldn’t be any community or race pride it is the Olympics. What does being the first african american woman to win gold in a sporting event open to all countries and races mean? Nothing. It’s nothing like getting a degree from a university that used to practice segregation, or be the first to achieve a job position in a domain know for being managed by white conservatives who would not like to select or choose an african american. Here, any African American can have access to a swimming pool and what matters is how fast you swim. Yes, there are coaches and getting into training programs and so on, but this applies to all sports. The point being that as an African American athlete in such a competition, you just need your performance to get gold. You don’t have to convince racist people that you are as good as the others. So while it is indeed a sporting achievement to get a gold medal, and be best in the world at that moment, and this is ground enough to congratulate Simone Manuel, it shouldn’t be seen as special for racial reasons. I would even add that the formulation diminishes her accomplishment. First African American to win gold in swimming. It sounds like it’s a special category, a consolation prize. When you write “first african american”, what people hear is “many did it before, nothing special, but african americans had to wait that long to do what white or asian had done long ago”. I don’t care that she’s the first or second.
    What I want to read and what I care is that she is Olympic Champion. Which implies better than all others, at these olympic games, no matter their race country and origin. And that should be enough.

  10. misterdantes commented on Luann 13 days ago

    Why would it be a new arc when it is a sunday strip and, more importantly, it is a self contained gag with an ending. (In case you missed it, Tiffany did dress like this on purpose so she wouldn’t have to do all these gardening things and Luann ends up pointing the obvious : dressed like that you won’t be able to… etc etc… without realizing it was Tiffany’s intention). So it’s funny, it’s wrapped up, and it shows Tiff as clever. The end. No big deal though if it is not. Enjoy your holidays.