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  1. misterdantes commented on Monty 4 days ago

    A bit ironic though, to name something that would protect you from nightmares “Freddy”

  2. misterdantes commented on Jeff Stahler 5 days ago

    Having been neighbor with Homer J. Simpson finally had some effect on George.

  3. misterdantes commented on Clay Bennett 5 days ago

    I just want ton congratulate Clay Bennett on yet another smart, sharp and powerful toon

  4. misterdantes commented on Tom Toles 11 days ago

    You’re right. Editorial cartoons shouldn’t talk about current events.

  5. misterdantes commented on Jeff Stahler 19 days ago

    This is an advertising for the great series “Braindead”

  6. misterdantes commented on Glenn McCoy 19 days ago

    That was my first thought also. (And so do I)

  7. misterdantes commented on Monty 23 days ago

    Did they have to put the rabid vet down after that?

  8. misterdantes commented on Rob Rogers 28 days ago

    And in China some women wear burkini-like outfits to protect their skin and avoid tanning. But you are missing the point. A full body wetsuit would not be accepted by people who want to wear a burkini because it is form fitting. Also, it is designed for practical reasons connected to sporting activities, not for religious reasons and a diktat imposed by men on women.You are free not to wear a wetsuit and feel colder while surfing, diving or windsurfing. Most women who have to wear burkini must do so because men, their society and their religion force them to do so. It is a symbol of oppression. It is also a way used by fundamentalists to sel-identify as muslims and provoke a conflict in society. That said, I do not agree with the bans. I believe they are counterproductive and play into the fundamentalists intentions by giving them the conflict they are looking for.

  9. misterdantes commented on Signe Wilkinson about 1 month ago

    Actually these articles do not tell the truth either as it has been finally exposed by the public prosecutor.
    The sad irony is that it is not even confirmed that there was any burkini involved. What happened was a group of north african origin muslim, mostly a family, some of them already known for violence and drug trafficking acted as bullies to try and privatise a beach so that their women could use it without being watched by non-believers. They threatened and chased away several tourists, and then some hot tempered local people came to confront them and it turned into a very violent brawl. Both sides bringing knives and such to the fight.
    The anti burkini laws that resulted are stupid and make matters worse. First because this is clearly a case of troublemakers who want to assert their power. No intention to integrate of course. Such people will use any excuse to create conflict. Most muslim women in France wouldn’t wear burkini. Some would and that shouldn’t be a problem. And then, some would do it , or be told to do it, especially because it is forbidden, to stir troubles and enforce the integrists agenda, What is described by Habfan for instance is unacceptable. Societies and laws of equality should no be banned (at least in a secular and laic country like France) for a religion. Separating women and men for swimming is a victory for the integrists, the islamofascists.
    On the other hand, wearing a burkini on a beach doesn’t harm anyone, and the laws against it end up making matters worse as seen by the humilation of the woman forced to disrobe. First she wasn’t wearing an actual burkini and second this is exactly what maniacs on both side want. The racists, happy to humiliate, and the provocateurs happy to be treated like victims when they are actually the first to break the law. (In the case of the woman forced to undress, she didn’t even break the law so she really is a victim and these french cops are as stupid as american cops for pouring oil on a fire.)
    Burkha should be illegal, because it is illegal to cover one’s face in public in France except for such times like Halloweeen. But banning burkini on a beach is just a way to make some fanatics use it as a symbol of victimization when it concerns few women and doesn’t harm.
    Banning burkini in a public swimming pool however is another matter, it is not necessary to mention it, it is forbidden simply on account that even long trunks are banned for men because it is not sanitary to wear thick clothes in a swimming pool. Rules restrict to one piece suit, bikini, speedos or boxer like swimming shorts. Therefore there can’t be exception for religious reasons, nor does it have to turn into a ban on a specific item for religious reasons.

  10. misterdantes commented on Luann about 1 month ago

    The funny thing is, not knowing you and based on some comments on this site sometimes, I cannot be 100% sure you are joking. That’s probably part of the joke…