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  1. misterdantes commented on Joel Pett 4 days ago

    Yes, but the whites most certainly have a larger percentage of active voters so they must still have the majority of the vote even if outnumbered in absolute numbers, I think.

  2. misterdantes commented on Henry Payne 7 days ago

    Except this state of emergency is a joke because the governments allows demonstrations that suit them when all demonstrations should be illegal, and worst of all, muslim fundamentalists haven’t yet all beendeported.

  3. misterdantes commented on Jerry Holbert 12 days ago

    As for the nationality of the terrorist, a wall or barring muslims, the Nice’s case does offer some other options. It is still unclear what was the guy’s actual nationality, but it seems he was either a bi-national, with both tunisian and french passport, or a tunisian living legally in France. However, he was a criminal, having been convicted for violence, assault, conjugal violence, robbery… It would have been simple to kick him out of the country, strip him of the french nationality if he had it, or his visa if he was tunisian only and forbid him to enter France again, on account of his crimes and not his religion.
    Also, for your information, the guy who blew himself up at the stade de france as part of the november attacks was a refugee who came into europe through the refugee’s channel. Which of course doesn’t mean that all refugees are terrorists, but that terrorists will use this situation to their benefits, no way we can ignore it.

  4. misterdantes commented on Betty 19 days ago

    Of course she would send for her. She got her promotion thanks to Betty’s work. It would be the smart move to keep Betty near so as to steal some more ideas and maintain a goof profile. (And get promoted further.) The girl has a perfect scheme, in her mind. Get benefits without working for them. She sounds exactly like the new entitled kids.

  5. misterdantes commented on Luann 19 days ago

    Apologies if someone mentioned this before, but what if Luann were to win the contest? Wouldn’t some bitter loser claim that as daughter of the owners it was all a ploy to showcase her talents and award her a prize. It depends on who the judges are, of course.

  6. misterdantes commented on Jerry Holbert about 1 month ago

    Your last sentence is interesting because it does mean that no muslim should be punished for the acts of muslim terrorists. (I disagree with that : religion being a choice, if they decide to embrace a faith that provokes so much hatred and death and chaos worldwide, they should be responsible for cleaning up its reputation or accept the consequences). So if you are against gun control, you cannot be for muslims control just because one is protected by the constitution. It is the same principle.
    Also, voting was, in the past and in many “democracies” reserved to educated or well established citizen, so there are precedents. Finally, guns being instruments, I don’t see indeed what would be wrong to require some control like for an automobile as wmconelly rightfully suggested. I’m happy for everyone to have a car, I feel safer knowing there are trafic lights and driving licenses and insurances and that you cannot race at will anywhere. It would be perfecly fine to do it with guns, and all sane and law abiding people who want one could have one. (In the case of the orlando shooting, he would have had his gun also unless his wife had reported him for beating her, in which case if he had been sentenced for that, his right to have a weapon would have been waived. And still, he – or any civilian – should never have been allowed to buy an assault rifle.)

  7. misterdantes commented on Tom Toles about 1 month ago

    Islamophobia is a term originally coined by the Iranian religious police then used by most fundamentalist muslim organisations with a political agenda to equate criticism of islam, which in free thinking societies is perfectly legal and normal, like any doubt, criticism and distrust of a superstition, with racism, which, on the other hand is not acceptable.
    Furthermore, the vast majority of terrorist attacks worldwide and atrocities being committed in the name of islam (Yes, by fanatics who do not represent all muslims, and yes, other religions or political organisations do commit atrocities also), being afraid of islam is not illogical, because there are grounds to be afraid and precedents to prove it. Therefore it is not an irrational fear, and thus not a phobia. Islamophobia doesn’t exist, and it is a disgrace to mention it on the same level as homophobia which IS an irrational fear bceause homosexuals might offend the sensibilities or religious principles of some people, but you don’t see them beheading hostages or gunning down innocent people or cartoonists.

    There is indeed a common point between terrorism, hate and homophobia. It is abrahamic religion (christianity, judaism, islam) as seen by fundamentalists.

  8. misterdantes commented on Pearls Before Swine about 1 month ago

    You made me laugh. I do not intend to debate the constitution, the 2nd amendment or anything. I am just replying to your statement about the Fore Fathers not being really educated and there being no abundance of attorneys.
    These men where among the most educated of the time, borrowing concepts from history (magna carta) litterature and philosophy (John Locke, Montesquieu) to draft the constitution.
    Furthermore, I give you the “Committee of Detail” that actually drafted the contitution: John Rutledge (lawyer and judge)Edmund Randolph (Attorney)Nathaniel Gorham (Merchant)Oliver Ellsworth(Lawyer) James Wilson (Legal Theorist and know for being highly educated and intelligent). So tha’s 4 lawyers out of the 5 men who wrote the constitution.
    As for the other Founding Fathers, look them up. Beside being brilliant men and well educated (Benjamin Franklin) you have lawyers there also : John Adams (lawyer) Alexander Hamilton (lawyer during several periods of his life) John Jay (lawyer) Thomas Jefferson even briefly practiced law at the beginning of his adult life.
    Basically, only Benjamin Franklin and James Madison have never been practicing lawyers. (Madison studied law among many other subjects, for his personal education – which was immense – and knowledge but didn’t work as a lawyer.) No wonder the USA are the paradise of lawyers.
    And since I’m talking about Madison, often called the father of the constitution and the father of the bill of rights – and thus the second amendment, he graduated in Princeton and had studied latin, greek, science, mathematics, geography, philosophy, rhetoric, political philosophy, law and hebrew – that the spoke fluently. How is that for “not really educated back then?”

  9. misterdantes commented on Brewster Rockit about 1 month ago

    Considering what they breath on Jupiter, maybe that’s why they are moving… Earth is becoming poisonous enough for them

  10. misterdantes commented on Robert Ariail about 1 month ago

    Are you assuming wrongly and quite stupidly in fact that if I criticize hillary it is because I support republicans? My poor man, I criticize her because I don’t see any difference between her and other spiteful warmongering republicans.