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  1. Redhead55 commented on Aunty Acid 7 months ago

    Naw. I don’t need someplace to hang upside down to sleep. I just need someplace to park my broom. LOL :D

  2. Redhead55 commented on Raising Duncan 8 months ago

    She sounds like both of my cats. They still don’t get it that people actually need to sleep THROUGH the night. Not just in cat naps like them.

  3. Redhead55 commented on Health Capsules 8 months ago

    My son-in-law wouldn’t dream of eating any of that and still had kidney stones. The dr told him to lay off anything with caffeine.

  4. Redhead55 commented on Mac 8 months ago

    Evil kitty. Good Doggy. Steak for you tonite. :)

  5. Redhead55 commented on Inherit the Mirth 8 months ago

    It’s the family tree after Adam and Eve that gets confusing to explain to their grandkids.

  6. Redhead55 commented on Inherit the Mirth 8 months ago

    Hey, Dan! Good to see you around. Sure miss your comic. :(

  7. Redhead55 commented on Gray Matters 8 months ago

    I had 3 Mustangs. A 64 1/2, a 68 and a 74. Loved ’em all.

  8. Redhead55 commented on Aunty Acid 8 months ago

    A quote from Redd Foxx.

  9. Redhead55 commented on That Monkey Tune 8 months ago

    Actually, Spain is considering a law to FORCE children to do household chores and to be respectful of their parents.


  10. Redhead55 commented on Speechless 8 months ago

    Too funny! :D