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  1. Tsigili GoComics Pro Member commented on Breaking Cat News about 1 month ago

    Discovering this strip has made my day! It’s so accurate – except for the politeness. I can’t imagine any of our cats saying “Sir” or “Ma’am” unless he/she was making a very snarky remark.

    I’m also happy to see someone else use the term “grand cat” because it’s good to know I’m not the only one who has grand cats instead of grand children!

    I have to go tell my cat-loving friends about this comic strip!

  2. Tsigili GoComics Pro Member commented on Cul de Sac over 2 years ago

    Human drama is overrated. Adventure is okay – without mustard.

  3. Tsigili GoComics Pro Member commented on Steve Benson about 3 years ago

    I agree that the NSA spying is unconstitutional – at least, it was, before the misguided legislation passed in reaction to the September 11 attacks.

    Sadly, the U.S. “PATRIOT” Act effectively stripped us of many of our constitutional rights, especially civil rights. When it was being considered in Congress, I contacted my senators & told their polite (but condescending) staff that it was a heinous piece of legislation that did not belong in this country.

    No one I spoke with could give me a definitive answer re: whether their bosses had actually READ the damned thing. In the aftermath, some senators actually tried to wriggle out of the responsibility of passing the act by saying they hadn’t read it & therefore shouldn’t be held responsible. (?!) Hell, I read the damned thing – what possible excuse could our elected representatives have for NOT reading it?

    Thanks to GW Bush, our Supreme Court has changed from the most respected court in the land to our own little presidential back-up singers: The Supremes, who do not legitimately interpret the Constitution according to precedent. The Chief Justice is Supremely Unqualified and rules according to his personal and religious beliefs. We can only hope that some of the worst on that panel will retire or pass on to debate very important issues with the Supreme Being – long before a Republican is elected as President again.

  4. Tsigili GoComics Pro Member commented on That New Carl Smell about 3 years ago

    What fun! I’m adding this strip to my favorites list, so I’ll receive it every day. Woo-hoo!

  5. Tsigili GoComics Pro Member commented on Endtown about 3 years ago

    Aaron ~

    I’ve never been fond of emoticons (or really understood them, for that matter), but if one existed for “standing ovation,” I’d be using it right HERE to comment on this strip. Regardless of the format, it takes personal courage to speak out publicly. Nicely done.

  6. Tsigili GoComics Pro Member commented on Endtown over 5 years ago

    “Coating it with steak sauce? Using it to clean out my ears?”

    GRAND FUN! I love this strip! I’m excited that I’ve set it up to receive it every day!

    Cheers, Tsigili

  7. Tsigili GoComics Pro Member commented on Pat Oliphant about 6 years ago

    Two Points:

    (1) jack75287 wrote: “And why should anyone we have a female speaker of the house a black president… ” YOWSA, buddy! The fact that the speaker of the house doesn’t have a bleeep is irrelevant to anyone except a SEXIST. The fact that the President of the US is black is irrelevant to anyone except a RACIST. Neither has anything to do with job description or performance. The fact that you think a female or a black man in office is such a big, hairy deal speaks volumes. We don’t need a photo to know that you’re a white guy.

    (2) Libertarian1 said: “In 18 months Obama has already added 30% to our national debt”

    Let me extend this question to everyone who’s groaning about the state of the country:

    Where were you during the eight years of GW Bush’s presidency, when he took the country’s budget into triple-digit deficit, took us into an illegal war, and shredded our civil rights via the patriot act, and cut services to the military, as well as citizens? Did you vote for him? Did you even vote at all?

    Because if you did vote for him, you share responsibility for this mess. If you didn’t bother to vote at all, then don’t complain.

    The American public should be insulted that politicians think they’re so stupid that they can’t remember what happened 8-10 years ago.

  8. Tsigili GoComics Pro Member commented on What cats can and can't do about 6 years ago

    Garey Mckee, these lyrics used to be stuck in my tiny brain so securely that I’d find myself absently singing them while washing dishes, composing a non-competition agreement - just about anything at all - until at last they faded from memory. But today, thanks to YOU, the lyrics are again firmly entrenched in what little gray matter I have left. I’m off to do the laundry, while serenading my own kitties in a heartfelt, bluesy version. Everyone please join me:

    Love to eat dem mousies (YUM YUM YUM) Mousies what I loooooove to eat (YUM YUM YUM) Bite dey little heads off (YUM YUM YUM) Nibble on dey tiiiiiiiny feet! (YUM YUM YUM)

    Now, just the cat-owners this time, with all the single parents doing the “YUM-YUM-YUM” chorus. Next time, we’ll have a round with just the clergy. Finally, we’ll have an all-sing (you know, like an all-skate).

    Thanks, Garey!

  9. Tsigili GoComics Pro Member commented on Signe Wilkinson about 6 years ago

    Just another reason that organized religion can be so dangerous. Personally, I prefer personal (or “free-range”) religion, where everything is between the individual and the deity, without any middlemen or sidekicks/henchmen. The idea of a “religious” group persecuting people because they don’t share that group’s particular views is both distressing and revealing.

  10. Tsigili GoComics Pro Member commented on Pat Oliphant about 6 years ago

    Pbarnrob said: “Read some Gen. Smedley Butler for more details of that attempt.”

    The name of the book is “THE BUSINESS PLAN,” originally published in the 1930s. It’s still available; in fact, you can even get used copies over at Amazon.com for very little. I highly recommend General Smedley’s book - he was the most highly decorated officer ever, and his book was a factual account, not fiction. I think it should be required reading in every school in America.