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  1. T_Lexi commented on WuMo about 22 hours ago

    : D Ya! Bier!

  2. T_Lexi commented on Ballard Street 2 days ago

    They forgot the snacks… All activities are much more enjoyable with the appropriate snacks! Now, where is my mouse head mask?

  3. T_Lexi commented on Scary Gary 4 days ago

    Yup. Once a psychotic malevolent bloodthirsty henchman, always a psychotic malevolent bloodthirsty henchman.

  4. T_Lexi commented on Speechless 4 days ago

    Johannes B. Vermeer paints en plein air.

  5. T_Lexi commented on Phoebe and Her Unicorn 4 days ago


  6. T_Lexi commented on Cul de Sac 5 days ago

    Ask the little green Martian… (No, wait. That’s Dill in a Halloween costume. Drat.)

  7. T_Lexi commented on WuMo 6 days ago

    One zebra, one warthog, and a gazelle/impala combo. Mom probably had her heart set on wildebeest, but they ran out…

  8. T_Lexi commented on Heart of the City 7 days ago

    Aww… that’s so tweet!

  9. T_Lexi commented on The Meaning of Lila 9 days ago

    I’m sensing a bitten butt somewhere in Lila’s near future…

  10. T_Lexi commented on Smith 9 days ago

    The dog has been Catastrophized!