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  1. T_Lexi commented on Ballard Street 1 day ago

    One for Happy…

  2. T_Lexi commented on Red and Rover 1 day ago

    =D Love how Rover’s “helping” Red in the 3rd panel!

  3. T_Lexi commented on Breaking Cat News 4 days ago

    =D And later in this broadcast: “Who’s in the box?” and “How many can fit in the box?”

  4. T_Lexi commented on Dogs of C-Kennel 6 days ago

    ; ) I would’ve expected Iggy to be the one seeking a little extra warmth…

  5. T_Lexi commented on Breaking Cat News 6 days ago

    YAY! Reruns to tide us over =D

  6. T_Lexi commented on Jim's Journal 8 days ago

    Jim: Me too, Hap. Where can we get some?

  7. T_Lexi commented on Scary Gary 8 days ago

    Oh. Cripes. Poor Gary.

  8. T_Lexi commented on Speechless 8 days ago

    SegWAY to go Bossie! =D I love the little ‘un on mama’s head!

  9. T_Lexi commented on Breaking Cat News 13 days ago

    Best of luck, Georgia! Enjoying the archives while you’re busy moving – hope all goes well for you!

  10. T_Lexi commented on Ballard Street 13 days ago

    @beviek – “Yes, because we have to repeat everything.” OMG! Laughed until I got the hiccups…

    (My Mom’s all-time favorite joke:) Martha and Freddie had been married many years. At a recent Dr. visit, Freddie told the doc he was concerned that Martha’s hearing wasn’t so great.

    Doc suggested Freddie should walk quietly up behind Martha and say, “Martha, can you hear me?” If there was no answer, he should walk a bit closer, and repeat the question, until she finally heard him.

    That evening, as Martha was rinsing dishes in the sink, Freddie stood in the kitchen doorway and said, “Martha, can you hear me?” No answer. A bit closer, he repeated it, “Martha, can you hear me?” Still no answer. Nearly directly behind her, he tried again, “Martha, can you hear me?”

    She turned around, and said, “Yes! For the 3rd time, Freddie! Now, what do you want?”