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  1. momazilla commented on Baldo over 3 years ago

    Been there, done that, NO fun.

  2. momazilla commented on PC and Pixel almost 4 years ago

    Not working.

  3. momazilla commented on Pluggers almost 4 years ago

    Blue Bell: Moolenium Chrunch!

  4. momazilla commented on Ziggy almost 4 years ago

    Never trust a sentient computer: Nothing can go wrong, can go wrong, go wrong, WRONG!

  5. momazilla commented on Garfield almost 4 years ago

    All that’s missing is a red ball nose.

  6. momazilla commented on Lio almost 4 years ago

    pop-ups Ugh! and don’t even get me started on the new facebook.

  7. momazilla commented on Pluggers almost 4 years ago

    And they gave you a map, FREE for the asking. Try that one today.

  8. momazilla commented on Red and Rover almost 4 years ago

    Our friendly neighborhood bushy tailed tree rat (aka Squirrlzilla)had the dog’s number, knew just how far the chain went and always stayed a couple of feet beyond it. Drove the dog nuts.

  9. momazilla commented on Pluggers almost 4 years ago

    not just pluggers. I always have something my 30yo daughter leaves behind.

  10. momazilla commented on Baldo almost 4 years ago

    Raising kids, like life, is never easy. But that is what makes the world continue.