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  1. apostate GoComics Pro Member commented on Pearls Before Swine 6 months ago

    The difference that stood out to me is that the bowling ball in the top panel is 11-3/4 lbs, and the one in the bottom panel is obviously 12 pounds. Now, can you find one difference in this comment?

  2. apostate GoComics Pro Member commented on In the Bleachers about 1 year ago

    Helium-filled pom-poms

  3. apostate GoComics Pro Member commented on Tom Toles almost 4 years ago

    Make that: “…you’re going in the right direction.”

  4. apostate GoComics Pro Member commented on Tom Toles almost 4 years ago

    What has been going on for “thousands of years” is irrelevant to the Constitution of a SECULAR government established within the last few centuries. Human sacrifice and witch burning went on for thousands of years, too, but we didn’t include those. We also eliminated monarchy as a form of government and that had been all the rage for millennia right up until our Constitution was written. So your arguments along those lines don’t even stand up to minimal scrutiny.
    And since we are fortunate in having secular governance, churches don’t make the laws. So they can’t determine what consenting adults can or can’t do (FYI, Ima, animals are NOT consenting adults, nor or gays “crazy.” Feel free to make your case for polygamy/polyandry, though).
    So if your goal is to make second class citizens of gays, agnostics, atheists, etc because of your intolerance of those who don’t share your particular house deity, your going in the right direction. But if you believe in the Constitution of these United States, pray to your house deity that Scalia is able to rally enough other primitive minds around him to protect your “thousands-of-years old” exclusive priviledges for a short time longer.

  5. apostate GoComics Pro Member commented on Strange Brew over 4 years ago

    King Shark,
    I remember the Mad Magazine comic as well (from decades ago ). However, in that case, after a full transformation the wolf-man was stymied by an eclipse. This comic appears to be a half-transition at a standard half-moon.
    On a side note, I could really use those memory cells for more useful information.

  6. apostate GoComics Pro Member commented on Tom the Dancing Bug over 5 years ago

    Don’t move on to NPR yet, Ruben! We still need to turn the principals into strongmen and have Halliburton hand them large cash payments so they’ll “get on board” with the program. Then we can send right-wing apologists like misngnola in to explain to the different factions that the only way to save the schools was to destroy them.

  7. apostate GoComics Pro Member commented on Tom the Dancing Bug almost 6 years ago

    Good evaluation, jedraft, but the religious folk (specifically followers of any of the middle-east-based superstitions), would argue that God-man does bad things to good people so THEY will know where they stand. To help these good folks determine their personal readings on the faith-a-tron, God-man is good enough to provide lessons in the form of everything from everyday injustices (like the mistaken identity example above) to life threatening illnesses to massive catastrophes. And being omniscient, he does it so surreptitiously that the statistical occurrence of these trials for the faithful is exactly the same as it is for atheists and people of incorrect religions. God-man: love him or not, you’re going to get yours!

  8. apostate GoComics Pro Member commented on Tom the Dancing Bug over 6 years ago

    Bolling takes care of all the subtleties. I like the way even the “condemned’s” fellow slaves wholeheartedly join in the stoning once he is accused of violating God-man day.