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  1. Simon_Jester commented on Phoebe and Her Unicorn 6 minutes ago

    We can prance if we want to
    We can leave your friends behind
    Cause your friends don’t prance
    And if they don’t prance
    Well, they’re no friends of mine

  2. Simon_Jester commented on Herman 9 minutes ago

    The name of is this attachment is the ‘limited’ in limited warranty

  3. Simon_Jester commented on Jim Morin 14 minutes ago

    Actually the big rant now by the alt-Reich is why hasn’t Hillary held a press conference for so many days? “This hoozy should go t’ jail rat NOW!”

  4. Simon_Jester commented on Fred Basset 19 minutes ago

    This would soooo go viral if you posted it on Youtube

  5. Simon_Jester commented on Jeff Stahler about 19 hours ago

    “Isn’t this really just a subtle form of child abuse?” — George Carlin

  6. Simon_Jester commented on Clay Jones about 19 hours ago

    For me it goes back to The Producers, when he played opposite the great Zero Mostel

  7. Simon_Jester commented on Joe Heller about 19 hours ago

    Reunited with Gilda at last

  8. Simon_Jester commented on Herman about 20 hours ago

    Now you know why he wanted that violin in the first place.

  9. Simon_Jester commented on Jeff Danziger about 20 hours ago

    A very important thing to remember:
    The Government Accountability Institute, the outfit that uncovered Weiner’s Tweets is funded and managed by the man who is now Donald Trump’s campaign manager.

  10. Simon_Jester commented on Clay Bennett about 20 hours ago

    Something to remember:
    Steve Bannon, the guy who runs the outfit that dug up Weiner’s Tweets is now Donald’s Trump’s campaign manager.