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  1. Tomcatt999 commented on Back to B.C. about 1 month ago

    I’ve never seen Quicksand like they show in movies & comics.

  2. Tomcatt999 commented on Peanuts 10 months ago

    Merry Christmas Snoopy!

  3. Tomcatt999 commented on Shoe 11 months ago


  4. Tomcatt999 commented on B.C. over 1 year ago

    Christians don’t believe in a created God, we believe God is infinite – he always was and will always be. Watch God’ Not Dead – Josh does a good job of answering that question.

    Also, the Bible says God created the earth in 6 days and rested on the 7th, but no where does it say 6 24hr days. A day on earth isn’t the same as a day in Heaven. The bible never specifically says how long a day in Heaven is, Jesus only made a reference as part of an analogy but that doesn’t mean it was absolute but rather a way of showing time in Heaven is basically meaningless when he said a day in Heaven is like a thousand years on earth. So, when God created the world in 6 days – it’s 6 days as HE defines them, not us, and we don’t know how long that actually is.

  5. Tomcatt999 commented on Non Sequitur about 2 years ago

    A few years back when my son started school his Principal stated that the current generation will have never known life without the Internet.

  6. Tomcatt999 commented on Dilbert Classics over 3 years ago

    Bucky is from Get Fuzzy