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On A Claire Day by Carla Ventresca and Henry Beckett

On A Claire Day

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  1. hippogriff commented on WuMo about 19 hours ago

    Canber – at least that is how they pronounce it.

  2. hippogriff commented on Arlo and Janis about 19 hours ago

    I know what you mean. Our <10,000 population town actually has an organization of published romance writers! The library may have a dozen or so science fiction titles in circulation. And this is a far better public library than most of surrounding towns.

  3. hippogriff commented on Pluggers 1 day ago

    But even then, you have idiots who drive with their brights in traffic because it helps them see better.

  4. hippogriff commented on Close to Home 1 day ago

    And the original name for lacrosse translates as ’war’s little brother".

  5. hippogriff commented on On A Claire Day 1 day ago

    The oft-cited bit about dogs and chocolate, don’t you remember?

  6. hippogriff commented on Brevity 1 day ago

    I have that problem with the idiots at Comics Kingdom. I try to comment/ user name/ Hippogriff [no problem]/ email/ – its in use, try again. Of course it is in use, by me, for a few years now.

  7. hippogriff commented on Rose is Rose 2 days ago

    You will be up all night. Flying squirrels are nocturnal and silent.

  8. hippogriff commented on Tom Toles 2 days ago

    I see you use the Cherrypicker’s Revised Version – the one missing Matthew 25:28 (and the rest of that chapter as well).

  9. hippogriff commented on JumpStart 3 days ago

    TPP is the same way, except we know that one will give corporations veto power over all national laws.

  10. hippogriff commented on One Big Happy 3 days ago

    There was once a place in Dallas that had a huge salad bar. It had avocado wedges, jalapeƱo slices, tomato slices, chopped onions, and I had to make my own for three visits before they got the hint and included guacamole.