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  1. hippogriff commented on Matt Bors about 9 hours ago

    martens misses all her friends: I haven’t heard any comment from Scalia on that. Has he said “oops” yet? Or is he still waiting permission from the Koch brothers?

  2. hippogriff commented on Pickles about 15 hours ago

    Trying to paper-train our pup, we papered the kitchen and penned it in with 1×12 boards. He started chewing the boards. I put Tabascao sauce on the boards. The only result was a dog wild about Tex-Mex.

  3. hippogriff commented on In the Bleachers about 15 hours ago

    I actually saw that with the old Texas League Dallas Rangers. Sal Heamis got the error.

  4. hippogriff commented on Close to Home about 15 hours ago

    Break for lunge.
    That’s parry for the course.
    Foiled again.

  5. hippogriff commented on Over the Hedge about 15 hours ago

    hariseldon59: The second law of thermodynamics is another part missing from cartoon physics.

  6. hippogriff commented on Herb and Jamaal about 15 hours ago

    StoicLion: Eula’s recipes and cooking keep the place in business. That is why they had to make her a partner (see logo) despite her contempt for Herb.

  7. hippogriff commented on One Big Happy about 15 hours ago

    BRI-NO-MITE!!: No limousine owners ever went to the poor house during the Hoover depression – nor the Reagan, nor the Bush, although the recovery time from each seems to be slowing down with each successor. Maybe one is less concerned about losing it if the family fortune was made back when the place was called Niew Amsterdam.

  8. hippogriff commented on On A Claire Day about 16 hours ago

    I had a professor who had taught in Cairo. Some friends went to the suq to by souvenirs and one of them negotiated for about a half hour and reached and agreeable price.
    The other friend decided he wanted one too – at the same price. No, bargaining started at the old price.

  9. hippogriff commented on Candorville about 16 hours ago

    Gee Man: That is the purpose – to overthrow the Constitution by force. I can remember when even advocating that could get you in prison; now it is force of [local] law.

  10. hippogriff commented on Grand Avenue about 16 hours ago

    cubefarmer: See 9 Chickweed Lane, 29 January 2007.