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On A Claire Day

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  1. hippogriff commented on Non Sequitur about 4 hours ago


    It is a huge area. The test site for the nuclear effect is miles from the aircraft test site and off limits to all. Still, it is barly “hotter” than Trinity. The bomb tested was fission, not fusion. Workers are flown in and out daily with proper exposure badges. It is different parts of the same “Area”.

  2. hippogriff commented on Francis about 4 hours ago

    Jim Kerner

    Listen hard enough and you can hear anything. That hardly makes it true.

  3. hippogriff commented on For Better or For Worse about 4 hours ago


    Two-thirds as bad as Texas, where it is either too hot, too cold, or raining. It is never too hot in Vancouver, but the rain makes up for it. Keep a roof over your head. It’s cheaper and safer in a rollover.

  4. hippogriff commented on Mike Luckovich about 5 hours ago


    Elbridge Gerrry said the greatest dangers were a standing army and a standing committee. We have both.

  5. hippogriff commented on Tim Eagan about 5 hours ago


    No, liberals won’t benefit the most from defanging the electoral college, freedom will benefit the most, and that benefits everyone, including those who use it against The People.

  6. hippogriff commented on Cleats about 13 hours ago


    Like dictionaries: descriptive or prescriptive. Personally I prefer the latter, but it is hardy a realistic portrayal of reality. I think they last one to really care was the original Lone Ranger comic strip.

  7. hippogriff commented on Over the Hedge about 13 hours ago

    Tom Flapwell

    There was a time when our congregation was under attack by others in the denomination for its social action. About this time of year, one of them sneered, “I bet you’re not even singing Christmas carols.” Our pastor replied, “Of course not, we are singing advent hymns.” It is not exclusive to Catholics.


    In keeping with yesterday, that pastor was a dive bomber pilot in WW-II and Reserve Chaplain to a destroyer flotilla in Korea. He would come aboard to the usual “Here comes the sky pilot; what does he know?” Then they saw the required ribbons: Navy Cross, Distinguished Flying Cross twice, Air Medal three times, etc. The attitude change always amused him.

  8. hippogriff commented on Off the Mark about 14 hours ago


    The federal government overruled them. You can still watch livestock being tortured. Look up bull jumping online. No flips going over, but if the Minoans could do it, sooner or later the Spanish and French developing the sport will too.

  9. hippogriff commented on Non Sequitur about 14 hours ago

    Al Nala

    Remember those b&w films of exploding two-story house and pine trees bending back and forth in a nuclear blast? That was what Area 51 was before it was made a secret test site for aircraft designs and home for alien bodies that used to be hidden at Wright Patterson in a hanger that has always served as a parts warehouse and has only one guard to prevent theft, not an army to prevent photographing aliens who have never been there. For those who believe anything. The saying on base for getting a part is “visit the aliens”.

  10. hippogriff commented on Tank McNamara about 14 hours ago

    There once was a job called “first reader” who read unsolicited manuscripts for possible publication. Publishers decided to make the author pay for that by requiring an agent to do it before considering a work. I wrote a book before that policy and could be my own agent. It did fairly well, two book clubs, two editions, and became their in-house expert on the subject, even asked to double-check Hemingway! But I can’t get them to consider a third edition without an agent who would do nothing I haven’t done myself in the increasingly distant past.