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On A Claire Day

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  1. hippogriff commented on Mike Luckovich about 12 hours ago

    Uncle Joe
    Yes she would. GOP ├╝ber alles. What’s Amerca? Something to misspell.
    You left out Tulsa – not the recent one, but 1923 when they burned the entire prosperous black ghetto.

  2. hippogriff commented on John Deering about 13 hours ago

    Kip W
    In the 1960s, the NRA had a special relationship with the Pentagon. In exchange for training in basic shooting, they were given extensive numbers of surplus M-1s and ammo – which they hoarded. I remember recruitment spiels in Boy Scout adult leader meetings where they outlined their goal. “If the Dallas ghetto riots, the police will seal it off. Then our members will let us in and we will go door to door and kill every n….. in town. Best of all, those commies in Washington will supply the ammunition to do it.” Fearing if they tried it, the Army might come down and take their guns back, they went to arm every racist in the country for independent action, and buy enough of Congress to prevent limiting any use of any gun for any reason.

  3. hippogriff commented on Clay Jones about 13 hours ago

    Considering the border fortifications protecting against Germany were in the Sudetenland, the Munich surrender effectively left Czechoslovakia disarmed.

  4. hippogriff commented on Pickles about 14 hours ago

    I had an interesting time in a fabric shop in Vancouver. I asked to see ecru thread. Size? About this size, pulling out a micrometer. Ecru thread, waxed to keep fuzz down and moisture out, is the standard for ship model running rigging. I was repairing one at the Maritime Museum and needed a match.

    Try Houston in August; it’s 90/90. The British consulate pays tropical hardship bonus. [factual statement]

  5. hippogriff commented on Frank & Ernest about 14 hours ago

    Jo Clear (aka: Grasshopper)
    They can’t run. They are not 35 years old.
    You left out: Microsoft will not let anyone touch their machines if they know anything at all about Apples, and giving any advice to an Apple user (other than to throw away the superior machine) will result in immediate brainwashing.

  6. hippogriff commented on FoxTrot about 15 hours ago

    I noticed a filler (one paragraph “stories” back in Linotype days) to the effect that Academie Fran├žaise had authorized “spaghetti” as legal to use in documents. From that time, my question was, what did they call it before then?

  7. hippogriff commented on Red and Rover about 15 hours ago

    They are in the upper left corner of the picture. And the red skies are from atmospheric pollution (which, granted, could come from volcanoes). Even beauty has its costs.

  8. hippogriff commented on Real Life Adventures about 15 hours ago

    Especially that look toward the owner just before the rerun, saying “Help? Get me out of this!”.

  9. hippogriff commented on John Deering about 15 hours ago

    When were white lives ever a legal issue? Even when they were spreading small pox before stealing land.

  10. hippogriff commented on Jeff Stahler about 15 hours ago

    Yes, but the betters do not act on it.