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Skin Horse

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  1. tarzina3 commented on Endtown 9 months ago

    copy cat!

  2. tarzina3 commented on Barney & Clyde 11 months ago

    at least David Letterman owned up to it at once! I also have all Bills CDs and they are really funny. if there is a trial then we will see, but until then our law is innocent until proven guilty.

  3. tarzina3 commented on Frazz about 1 year ago

    don’t forget the medical field, old folks homes, pharmacys etc

  4. tarzina3 commented on Barney & Clyde about 1 year ago

    I asked that question the first time I heard the song

  5. tarzina3 commented on U.S. Acres about 2 years ago

    At last! Truth in advertising !

  6. tarzina3 commented on Luann about 2 years ago

    Our class rings were ugly, my mom took me to the mall and I got a little jade ring that I would actually wear. It was $30.00 less than the class ring!

  7. tarzina3 commented on Wizard of Id about 2 years ago

    Because raccoons love garbage! :)

  8. tarzina3 commented on Barney & Clyde about 2 years ago

    I always took art classes in summer school, until we overheard the seniors talking about the senior history classes, and all the reports they had to do, our group took it during summer school just to get it out of the way! It was great, we didn’t have to worry about the other classes .

  9. tarzina3 commented on Non Sequitur over 2 years ago

    They would just have pulled money from the stores for their own ads, then when the stores started to slide, sold them it a known liquidator. If you don’t believe me, ask any other Mervyns employee , or the court which agreed with us, of course it didn’t do us any good, we were all out of work.

  10. tarzina3 commented on Barney & Clyde over 2 years ago

    My Mom is 95, and cannot work a cell phone, but she can push that button, in the last 5 years, they have helped her 3 times when I was not there. They even have one that can tell when a person falls and if they don’t get an answer on their box, will send help.