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  1. pavlov commented on Darrin Bell 13 days ago

    France has strict gun control laws and they did nothing to stop last years mass shootings.

  2. pavlov commented on Darrin Bell 13 days ago

    I would also add the ottomans “harvesting” of the steppes for slaves.

  3. pavlov commented on Darrin Bell 13 days ago

    Shores of tripoli comes to mind to stop pirates.

  4. pavlov commented on Lisa Benson 16 days ago

    @ shakeswilly :The militia of the United States consists of all able-bodied males at least 17 years of age and, except as provided in section 313 of title 32, under 45 years of age who are, or who have made a declaration of intention to become, citizens of the United States and of female citizens of the United States who are members of the National Guard.

  5. pavlov commented on Jeff Danziger 5 months ago

    Long overdue,

  6. pavlov commented on Lisa Benson about 1 year ago

    He borrowed that drum from Michigan’s Rick Snyder

  7. pavlov commented on Tom Toles over 1 year ago

    Roberts is the one who upheld the ACA by calling it a tax. Now he’s supposed to be the one cutting it, hardly.

  8. pavlov commented on Clay Bennett over 1 year ago

    there were plenty of muslims killing christians in Bosnia and it was christian countries that stopped the genocide over there.

  9. pavlov commented on Phil Hands over 1 year ago

    Putin repeatedly violates treaties and accords supplying arms and men to eastern Ukraine, heck Nikolai Kozitsyn is a russian national and putin’s puppet and the world sits idly by not even sending arms to help fend of this would be tsars dogs.

  10. pavlov commented on Views of the World over 1 year ago

    Once again the world stands by and doe’s nothing while Putin the puppet master continues to pull russian terrorist Nikolai Kozitsyn’s strings as well as the trigger.