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  1. Beenthere commented on Ben Sargent over 4 years ago

    It takes guns to remove guns and enforce a gun free society. So you want to give the government more power to search, confiscate, and much have a monopoly on force?

    We should be more concerned about the government’s massive arsenal of nukes, bio-weapons, drones, tanks, planes, aircraft carriers,,etc. Some criticize gun owners for being clinging to their guns, yet many of the same have no problem clinging to our military to be our protector agasint bogiemen around the world—while military contractors make a killing in profits off our trillions of tax dollars. Look how well we have done in Iraq and Afghanistan and Pakistan with excessive military force, yet you quibble about private gun owners being trigger happy?

    Homeland security just ordered a half billion rounds of ammo recently. Does Homeland security expect a war on America’s soil with us, the citizens soon?

  2. Beenthere commented on Jeff Danziger over 4 years ago

    “Support our Troops”—-Yeah right. They are suffering from 13% unemployment, Suicides, PTSD, wounds, and broken marriages.

    But hey, no worry. Plenty of Chicken-hawks like Hannity and others who scream for more war from the safety of their offices. And we’ll send them back to the sandbox for more multiple tours for political objectives that change as frequently as the weather.

  3. Beenthere commented on Pat Oliphant over 4 years ago

    The US is just as guilty as Israel in threatening to attack Iran.
    Sanctions will only bring the Iranian moderates over to Ahmadinejad side as they feel threaten by the US.

    The character who should be portrayed on the rope would be Ron Paul, not Uncle Sam. He is the only man from either party arguing for diplomacy instead of saber-rattling and sanctions. He fears, rightly so, that an attack on Iran it will lead us into another meat-grinder like Iraq. Or at the very least lead to a dramatic rise in gasoline prices that will further unstablized our weak economy.

    Anyone who advocates war with Iran should be willing to put their child or spouse in front of the line to go over there and fight.

  4. Beenthere commented on Doonesbury over 4 years ago

    Ron Paul “Roads?”

    You strain at a gnat and swallow a camel, Trudeau.

    How about Ron Paul being the ONLY candidate who wants to end our policeman foreign policy? Who advocates diplomacy with Iran instead of saber rattling? Who wants to re-establish relationship with Cuba and end the stupid Cold War embargo? Who wants to reign in the Federal reserve that has been enabled the 1% to become rich at the 99% expense?

  5. Beenthere commented on Pat Oliphant almost 5 years ago

    Newt “Get rich” is a political survivor with no shame.

    Yet the mainstream media does little to rake his record over the coals in public. It disingenuously acts surprised at Ron Paul’s ads critical of Newt like it the first time the Media has even hear of these stunts Newt has pulled.

  6. Beenthere commented on Jeff Danziger almost 5 years ago

    dtrouma, I agree.

    Their human rights record goes beyond their own people. Foriegn workers are terribly abused by these super rich cats. I also believe that our relationship with the corrupt royalty spurs resentment among the common folk, driving them into the arms o the fundamentalist radicals who point at the Saudi Leaders hypocrisy and lack of Islamic fidelity.

    It was interesting that after all the military aid we sold or gave them, they did little to no assistance in the first Persian Gulf war. We have become their armed body guards.

  7. Beenthere commented on Tony Auth almost 5 years ago

    We should disband the SEC. They failed stopping Maddoff, failed with protecting us from the Solyndra bailout, and now Corzine.

    Or we can make yet another NEW Federal agency with more laws and powers to fail even more magnificently doing nothing!

  8. Beenthere commented on Tony Auth almost 5 years ago


    The average American income is $39,000.
    Obama and others in DC make many times more money, benefits, & perks that the average workingstiff. Bashing big boys like Mobil does not lessen the “more equal than others” privileges that Obama and his ilk enjoy at our expense.
    He and all the other presidents and DC critters are so comfortable in the style they have been accustomed to at our tax dollar expense, they are inured to the average American’s plight. When things get tough, the President gets to goes on vacation!

  9. Beenthere commented on Tony Auth almost 5 years ago

    “Obama attacks inequality”

    Not bad for a man who makes $400,000 a year as president, with free room, board, transportation, medical care, and personal security. Who’ll also enjoy a gold plated pension and benefits, along with all the 5 plus figures speaking engagements he can schedule.

  10. Beenthere commented on Tom Toles almost 5 years ago

    So, The Nobel Peace Prize winner is protecting our Pacific interests by saber rattling at China by—-posting 2500 Marines in Australia?

    US Marines are pretty tough hombres, but even this mission is a bit of a tall order for them. Oh well, the US dollars they will spend over there, along with all the contractor services, will enrich the Aussies at our expense.Well done, Mr. President!